What In the World Is Friendly Accountability?

friendly accountability

Asking “What will you do to obey?” can seem an awkward question. The following week, when we ask them to tell us if they actually did what they said they would, well, it can feel down-right invasive. This is especially true for those of us from a Western culture where privacy and individualism are highly valued.

What business is it of mine if they are obeying or not? Shouldn’t that be their worry, not mine?

Could this approach border on legalism? We definitely don’t want to promote a rule-oriented gospel. Yet accountability is a vital essential in growing a DMM. It is strongly tied to one of the main characteristics we find in growing movements- obedience-based discipleship.

The Friendly Accountability Loop

First, let’s note that it is friendly. We must never scold or shame anyone. That will not motivate them to grow. Instead, it could make them afraid to be honest. Be sure to be vulnerable and honest yourself about how you are doing at applying and sharing. When you fail, be open with those you disciple. read more