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Share Jesus In a New Way This Christmas!

explain christmas

Feeling frustrated that it isn’t quite as easy to share about Jesus, the reason for the season this year?  Let’s try something new.  Join the #explainchristmaschallenge with me. Let’s saturate social media with short videos that share the true meaning of this holiday!

I wrote about this last week, but it’s not too late to join in and do this.

Christmas is in a few days, but this doesn’t take long to do.  

Here’s how

  • Make a 15 to 30-second video explaining what Christmas means to you.
  • Send it out on WhatsApp, Signal, or post it on Instagram or Facebook, Twitter, etc. Be sure to use the hashtag #explainchristmaschallenge on social media if you live in a place where it is safe for you to do so.
  • In the post, invite people to private message you to learn more.
  • Begin a spiritual conversation with them over messenger or WhatsApp
  • Invite them to read the story of Jesus’ birth with you over Zoom or WhatsApp or in person.
  • Ask them if they have any friends or family who might also like to join us.
  • read more

    Join Me in the Explain Christmas Challenge

    explain christmas

    Christmas is one of my favorite times of year! It’s not because of the lights, music, gifts or family meals together though I enjoy those. It is because it’s one of the easiest times in the entire calendar year to share the message of Christ with others. This year things are different with the pandemic’s effects still felt in many nations. We can still share His message with others, but we need to get creative. Initiatives like the #explainchristmaschallenge can help us with this

    What is the Explain Christmas Challenge about?

    A few weeks ago as I was scrolling my Instagram account I came across an awesome idea!

    IFES Global, a student ministry, was promoting something called the #explainchristmaschallenge. I clicked on the link and thought to myself “This is something I want to partner with!” I’d been looking for a good way to share with people this year.

    Last week, I talked to them and we decided to work together. Help us spread the word! I want to encourage everyone to use creative means of sharing Jesus during this season. read more

    Lessons from My Favorite Christmas Hero

    christmas hero

    Who is your favorite Christmas hero? Santa Claus? The elves or wise men? My favorite is Mary, Jesus’ mom. It could be because I am a mother. She is amazing! There is much to learn from her example.

    Young Mary was an extraordinary woman. Handpicked by God, she gave birth to the greatest miracle of all time. God has chosen you and me to birth miraculous movements to Christ. Disciple Making Movements are amazing acts of God. Mary’s life of absolute surrender, faith for what she’d never seen or experienced, and willingness to suffer are a few things we learn from her.

    Struggling With an Impossible Dream

    There are days when I struggle with my calling to launch movements. I look at who I am, my weaknesses, my failings, and wonder. How could God use someone like me? My heart can easily drift into doubts and fears as I look at the impossible, God-sized vision He trusts me to pursue.

    Do you ever ask those questions?

    They’re not all bad. In some ways, it shows humility to realize we can never launch a movement (or do anything of value) apart from His divine work. read more

    5 Tips When Starting Spiritual Conversations Around Christmas

    spiritual conversations

    Christmas is a busy time of year. It’s also a perfect time to strike up spiritual conversations with people you come in contact with. How do you start? What can you say to open the door to meaningful engagement?

    She sat next to me on the flight. Most of the time she had her headphones on or was watching movies. I wanted to start a conversation, but needed to watch for the appropriate time. Just before the flight landed, I got my chance. Beginning, I asked some basic questions. “Where are you going? Are you visiting family?” I also shared the same about myself.

    It was then easy to ask, “Will you be celebrating Christmas while you are there?” Our spiritual conversation began.

    No,” she replied. Earlier I’d found out she was from a Muslim majority country.

    Are your family Muslims?” I asked. Listening and asking more questions, I learned more about her family and faith. This opened the door for me to also share with her about my life.

    Christmas provides many, many opportunities. I’ve been challenging myself to have at least one spiritual conversation with someone each day. As I’ve been doing this, I’ve noticed some things. read more

    25 Day Advent Challenge

    christmas hero

    Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I love the lights, music, and joy in the air. The delicious food is great too! What I love the most though, is how easy it is to start conversations about Jesus in the month of December. As advent begins, my heart longs to draw closer to Jesus. I’ll be setting aside some special time for greater intimacy with Him.

    I also really want to bless Him this year. Already, I’ve made my Christmas shopping list and am thinking about what to buy for my hubby and kids. But what about Jesus? What is the best gift I could give to my Lord? It’s His birthday after all!

    In Luke 15, there are three wonderful stories about reaching the lost. At the end of each of these parables, Jesus says that when one sinner repents, Heaven throws a party!

    Wouldn’t it be great to make Heaven have a bunch of extra parties in December?

    A Spiritual Conversation Each Day

    Here’s the deal. This year, I’ve made a decision. Every day in December, I want to have at least one significant spiritual conversation with someone who doesn’t know Jesus. I will pause and listen to God when I’m out and about. I’ll be watchful for who He is leading me to, and initiate conversations with people about the true meaning of Christmas. Sharing my testimony, the Christmas story, or another gospel presentation with at least one person each day…I’ll start spiritual conversations about advent. read more

    A Christmas Prayer for Disciple Makers

    Instead of a blog this week, my gift to you is a Christmas prayer.

    The wonder of Christmas through the eyes of a child.

    May your heart be filled with wonder, infused with a surprising level of joy this week.

    May you once again marvel as you contemplate the incredible miracle of the Christ-child’s birth.

    What Does the Great Commission Have to Do With Christmas?

    Great Commission and Christmas

    It’s Christmas Eve. We gather around the tree. Dad opens his Bible to read the Christmas story. Squirming and anxious to open our gifts, we listen, wanting him to finish so we can open presents. These are my childhood Christmas memories. They always include the reading of the story of Jesus’ birth. It was a vital part of our tradition. Does the Great Commission fit with the Christmas story?

    Maybe we can set it aside for awhile as we focus on the birth of Jesus, the wise men, angels, Mary and Joseph. Or maybe not. Could it be that the Great Commission is actually a vital part of the Christmas story?

    Incarnation Is What Christmas Is All About

    Jesus’ birth was His greatest missionary act. He came to us. God entered our world. He left Heaven to become one of us.

    “The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” 

    John 1:14 NIV

    The theological word for this is incarnation. That simply means God became a human. That is what happened at Jesus’ birth – on Christmas. read more

    What Are Your Greatest Christmas Priorities?

    Christmas priorities

    This is a busy time of year! What Christmas priorities will you set during this festive season?

    I love December. It’s festive and full of parties, food, traditions, and fun. I enjoy making special cookies, buying gifts for those I love and all that the holidays bring. Over the last few years though, I’ve been examining my priorities during December. What is really most important?

    The season is all about Jesus. It’s His birthday after all! So I decided to ask myself, “What would Jesus most like to get as a birthday gift from me?”

    The answer was immediate. He would love to see lost people come home, for His lost sheep to be found.

    Create A Party In Heaven!

    Without question, I know unreached people meeting Jesus is what would create an incredible Christmas party in Heaven. After all, that is what the parables in Luke 15 tell us right?

    “I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” Luke 15:7 NIV

    So why not make it our goal to create a Christmas party in Heaven, instead of just here on Earth?
    Check out this video that gives a reminder of what I am talking about here.

    Christmas priorities


    December is one of the best months of the year to share the gospel with unreached people. They are interested, open and curious about what Christmas is all about. So many have no idea that it’s not just about Santa Claus and Christmas trees!

    It’s Easy To Share During Christmas

    It’s quite simple to open a conversation like this. “This month everyone around the world is celebrating Christmas. Do you know why Christmas is celebrated?” Then, jump into the story of Jesus miraculous birth, life, death, and resurrection.

    “The meaning of Christmas, why we do all these things is because Jesus came to Earth as our Savior. He came to take away our sin and shame, to bring His peace and hope to Earth. This Christmas, would you like to receive a special present? You can get the best Christmas gift ever! Forgiveness, peace, and salvation. You can be introduced to someone who will love you like no one ever has before. Do you want to receive Jesus’ gift today?”

    I am hoping to have that conversation with lots of people this month. How about you?

    Is it a priority on your list of things to do in December to share the gospel? To lead someone to Christ?

    Join in the singing, parties, plans, and preparations. They are fun! But remember your greatest Christmas priorities too. Be sure to make sharing Jesus with others a priority this month. What a joy it would be to give Jesus some new followers as His birthday gift this year.

    Enjoy the Season!

    Christmas Eve Reflections

    Merry Christmas! I hope you are reading this blog with a happy heart as you celebrate the miraculous arrival of our Lord! What incredible good news we have to share with the world!


    Sometimes this message seems so incredible it is almost scary. The shepherds definitely felt afraid when they first heard of Jesus’ birth through the angels. It was so incredible, so supernatural, so beyond them.

    Luke 2:9 “An angel of the Lord appeared to them, and the glory of the Lord shone around them, and they were terrified. 10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord.”

    Four things to take note of.

    1. Don’t be afraid.
    2. It is good news.
    3. It is cause for great joy.
    4. It is for all people.

    Do you feel afraid? Afraid to believe fully? Afraid of persecution? Freaked out by the supernatural aspects of working with God among the unreached? Afraid of the challenges? Afraid of hoping something incredible will happen, only to be disappointed? Afraid to take a step of faith and obedience?

    The message of the angels is a message for you. Don’t be afraid.

    Do you ever forget it is good news we have to share? It’s not politics. It’s not religion. It’s not a matter of trying to convince people to believe what we believe or to adopt “our God” instead of whatever they are currently worshiping. It’s good news. His arrival in on earth and in our lives is incredibly good news!

    It’s good news that He loves us. It’s good news that He cared enough to come and be one of us. It’s good news that He paid a price for us so we wouldn’t have to. There is SO MUCH good news to share!

    It is cause for great joy. Not fighting, not arguing, not taking of sides. Not bombs and wars and crusades. Great joy. The kind of joy we see in the eyes of children when they open gifts tonight or tomorrow. The kind of joy we see in grandma’s eyes when she hugs those grandkids who have come back for the holidays. The joy of reunion, reconciliation, forgiveness, delight, intimacy, pleasure, peace. He came to bring great joy.

    Last but not least, this message is for ALL people. Not some. Not a few. Not one people group, or class, or status. He came for all people. This message is for all!

    Yet not all have heard it. That is our job. The angels did their part. They announced His arrival to the shepherds. The shepherds had to do their part too. They had to spread that word to everyone they met. That is our job too. What about the homeless man you saw the other day? What about the grumpy neighbors who keep to themselves? What about the person from another culture and religion that you work with? Who will you tell about the true meaning of Christmas today? If we don’t share the message, how will it become known by all? His message is for all.

    I know it’s Christmas and we all have parties to attend, food to prepare…but take a moment, just a few minutes, and tell someone the good news we celebrate on this holiday. That goes for those of us who preach today too. If we want to make disciples who share the gospel, we need to be active in sharing it in our personal lives too. Today is an awesome day to take a few moments to do that.

    Let the joy and love overflow. Let the fear go. Let His supernatural message go deep into your heart once again today.

    Christmas Blessings!