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What is Just In Time Training?

“Just in Time Training” was an unfamiliar concept for me. Why are they not applying what I taught them? We taught how to create a set of stories for discipleship in the Orientation Program, but they are just preaching. They seem to have completely forgotten everything they learned in the training! Argghh!!

Have you ever felt frustrated that you invest a lot in training people only to see little field application happen?

I sure was! Then I put into practice what is called Just in Time Training. Just in Time Training (sometimes called Micro-Learning) is when you give people only what they need to use immediately. You train in small learning segments.

You start with where they are and train them step by step.

  • Do they already have five 1st generation groups? What do they need to see those multiply?
  • Can they share the gospel effectively? Maybe they need help with choosing a gospel story?
  • Are they just beginning to learn the language?

This style of training is in contrast to giving them in one long training for everything they will face over many years as they work to start a DMM.

I first caught a vision for disciple making among unreached people when I was on a missions trip in college. I then went through a 4-year program to learn how to do church planting. It was excellent. I had great teachers and had excellent material that was “cutting edge” for its time. read more