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    Cynthia's STORY

    As a disciple multiplication coach with decades of experience, and a recognized thought leader in the field of Disciple Making Movements, Cynthia Anderson knows a thing or two about multiplying disciples.

    For the past thirty years, she's been at work in Nepal, India, Thailand, the USA, and many parts of Africa launching movements of disciples and bringing God's Kingdom to unreached areas.

    Over these years, Cynthia has clearly seen the power of annual goal-setting in seeing that exponential multiplication take off. In five short videos, she'll share nuggets of wisdom gained as she has gone through this process year after year, leading to incredible Kingdom results.

    We hope these will encourage, inspire, and equip you to set goals that lead to your best disciple-making year ever!

    cynthia Anderson

    Disciple multiplication coach, speaker, trainer.