Unleash Fruitful & Effective Discipleship!

New mindsets = Better results

In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Rid yourself of limiting mindsets that hinder discipleship growth.
  • Transform passive pew-sitters into active disciple-makers.
  • Mobilize new and even pre-believers to "gossip the Gospel."
  • Change from discipleship programs that bear some fruit, to what bears lasting fruit.
  • Release the power of simplicity and organic spread.

What Readers Say about The Multiplier's Mindset...

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Mission & Church leaders are talking about this book!

God is catalyzing amazing movements of exponentially multiplying disciples and churches among many peoples and places of the world. If you’ve been pursuing multiplication and feel frustrated, this book is for you. If you’re already a multiplier and want to better equip others, this book is for you."

Stan Parks

24:14 Co-facilitator

"The Multipliers’ Mindset is a compelling and useful tool for bringing readers from a pedestrian inquiry to being a fruitful practitioner of movements missiology.

Dr. David Garrison

Author of Church Planting Movements and A Wind in the House of Islam

"Anderson challenges our traditional assumptions about making disciples and gently paints a picture of simple but profound truths so that God can unleash us into fruitfulness beyond our wildest dreams.


Author of Across the Street and Around the World

More on The Multiplier's Mindset

Every disciple-makers wants to see greater fruitfulness. Yet, after working with 1000's of Jesus followers around the world, we know that the vast majority of them struggle to see the multiplication of disciples. The result is that most them experience frustration, and self-doubt on a regular basis. Cynthia Anderson knows all about helping people overcome the kind of inner ache that is associated with trying to multiply disciples and launch a movement. In fact, with God's help and lots of input from amazing practitioners around the world, she has developed a 25 video course called Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements that has helped thousands of disciple-makers around the world to be able to start new groups of disciples that are beginning to multiply. So far, 17 people who she has trained have seen at least 4th generation growth in multiplication and many more are on the way.

In The Multiplier's Mindset: Thinking Differently About Discipleship, field-experienced DMM practitioner, Cynthia Anderson shares 17 key mindset shifts that with the help of the Holy Spirit, will save disciple-makers, church-planters and passionate Jesus followers years of effort with minimal fruit. This book will help you to:

-                      Stop over-complicating the discipleship process

-                      Overcome fear of sharing the Gospel with people who don't want to hear it

-                      Be free from discouragement

-                      Discover new and unexpected people to spread the Good News

-                      Shift from addition to multiplication of disciples

-                      Experience more joy as you watch God work through you


Table of Contents:



Chapter 1- Struggle

Chapter 2- Change

Part One- Align with Truth: What We Believe About God and Ourselves

Chapter 3- Faith

Chapter 4- Expand

Chapter 5- Enough

Chapter 6- Discover

Part Two- Adjust Your Perspective: What We Believe About Others

Chapter 7- Grow

Chapter 8- Leaders

Chapter 9- Open

Chapter 10- Baptism

Chapter 11- All

Chapter 12- Ladies

Part Three- Adapt Strategies: What We Believe About How to Make Disciples

Chapter 13- Prayer

Chapter 14- In Groups

Chapter 15- Ongoing

Chapter 16- Needs

Chapter 17- Easy

Chapter 18- Equippers

Chapter 19- Relevant



A Message From Cynthia

30 years ago when I first started pursuing the goal of disciple multiplication, I was excited. However, for many years, I experienced frustration and self-doubt. In the last five years, since I started Dmms Frontier Missions, I have seen thousands of passionate and committed Jesus followers struggle with the same thing. This led me to develop and put online a simple disciple-making process and write this book.

I understand the longing to see greater fruit from your efforts to make disciples. I’ve been in that place where I almost gave up on trying to do anything God-sized or to see organic multiplication take off. In fact, there was a time when I almost quit trying to make disciples completely. What changed things for me? I poured over the Gospels and the Book of Acts and saw that God used ordinary people who didn’t have it all together to do incredible things in His Kingdom. Once I saw that afresh, I couldn’t quit. I knew it had to be possible to reach and disciple more people in my area! If God could do what He did through a bunch of fishermen, a tax collector, some ex-prostitutes, and a zealot, He had to be able to do the same through me and my colleagues. Realizing that gave me hope.

But we were still stuck. In spite of our best efforts, we weren’t seeing the multiplication of disciples and groups take off. We weren’t seeing disciples make disciples and groups start new groups until God led us through a process of examining our mindsets and really began to change the way we thought about Him, ourselves, others, and how to make disciples. Then the fruit started to come in a truly different way and we saw 10x more effectiveness through our efforts than we had seen before.

I long for you and others to see the same thing happen. It’s frustrating when people are stuck working faithfully in the Kingdom but aren’t seeing the impact they desire. This can change for you as it has for me!

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About the Author

Cynthia specializes in training pastors, mission agencies, Kingdom-minded leaders, and ordinary people in how to multiply disciples and catalyze Jesus movements in their areas.

 An international speaker who has spoken to an audience of 10k+, a columnist for an award-winning Christian magazine, and one who has founded several global enterprises, Anderson also created an online course that has trained thousands of students across 90 nations in how to multiply disciples,

She is a key go-to person for advice on how to mobilize and activate yourself and others toward greater spiritual fruitfulness. 

Anderson has helped denominational leaders, bishops, pastors, mechanics, hairstylists, and housewives learn how to multiply disciples and begin the journey toward launching new multiplying movements of Jesus’ followers in their areas. 

She is an experienced cross-cultural minister with three decades of experience in global leadership, cross-cultural missions, church planting, and disciple-making in frontier areas, including Nepal, India, and Thailand.

Cynthia is a wife, mother of three adult kids (all born in Asia), and the proud grandma of three beautiful grandkids.

She earned a Masters’s degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Seminary and has over thirty years of field experience in Asia. Her blog Pursing Disciple Making Movements in the Frontiers equips 40,000+ globally each week with disciple-making tips and her newly released podcast Dare to Multiply inspires many others.

Cynthia Anderson

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