How to Vision Cast in Your Disciple-Makers Meeting

vision casting

Have you ever heard an advertisement jingle on the radio, then found yourself singing it later? Catchy tunes get stuck in our heads. Advertisers know the power of repetition and simplicity. As we work to motivate disciples to become disciple-makers, we must use the power of repetition to influence them toward action.

Jesus knew the power of repetition. He repeated important concepts again and again. Take Luke 15 for example. He tells not one, not two, but three parables about the importance of reaching the lost. He was casting vision to His disciples, wanting them to engage in the things that mattered most to Him. As disciple-makers and trainers, we must do the same.

I wrote last week about the power of the three-part disciple-makers meeting. In the first section of the meeting, right after the friendly accountability time, comes vision casting. Vision casting is simply this. You use a short story, example, or scripture, to bring the cause of the lost (unreached) before those in the group. You want to fan the flame of missions and evangelism every single week. By doing this, it will grow into an unstoppable passion…a fire that can not be quenched.

Greeting the Elders

Yesterday I led a three-part meeting. After friendly accountability, I shared a short personal example from a few days ago. I currently live in Thailand. In the Thai calendar we just started a new year. A few days back, I attended a ceremony in our community to honor the elders. It is traditional to have this ceremony every year around New Years.

In my “Vision Casting” time, I told the group about going to this event.

Honoring the elders and receiving their blessing for the New Year

As I walked past the long line of elders sitting at the table, I greeted each one and received their New Year’s blessing. In my heart, I asked the question, “How many of these precious people have ever heard the gospel? Even one time?” I told the group how this question affected and motivated me. If I don’t share with the people around me, they will go into eternity having never had a real opportunity to receive salvation. I then asked them to consider this. “How many people will you see today who have never heard the good news of the gospel? “

It took about three or four minutes to share this personal story. I was intentionally “stirring the fire” of our responsibility to reach the lost. This is what Vision Casting does.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish…”

Prov 29:18

Three Ways to Cast Vision

There are many ways to cast vision for the lost. Use your creativity! Don’t be limited to the following three ways. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide and show you how to do this. These three ways will get you started though.

1) Personal Story

The example I gave above about my experience last week illustrates this. Here is another personal story I often use.

“When I was in high school I had two very good friends. Their names were Maggie and Kris. We were all in the same French class and did a lot of things together. They were not Christians and though I wanted to share with them about Jesus, I felt shy. I was afraid that they might reject me or make fun of me.

Then one night I had a dream. In the dream I saw them in hell. They had flames all around them and were in pain. They could see me and they cried out to me. ‘Why didn’t you tell us about Jesus? We would have listened and accepted Him. Instead, you let us go to hell. How could you say you were truly our friends?’

I replied (in my dream) to them this way. ‘I was afraid you wouldn’t like me if I talked about spiritual things. I thought you just wanted to have fun. I was scared of your rejection.’

My friends answered back, ‘How could you love us so little! If we rejected you that would have been our choice. But at least we would have had the chance to make that decision.’

Then I woke up from my dream. The next day I shared my testimony and faith with them.”

After telling this little story, I ask the question. “What about each of us? How many friends do we have who have never had a chance to hear the gospel? They might reject it, but at least they had the chance and we have done our part.”

2) Scripture

There are many scriptures that can be used in the short Vision Casting part of the three part meeting. For example, you could use Romans 10:14-15. Read the passage then ask the question- What does this verse mean for us here? Then give a short challenge about how there are many who will never hear the gospel if we don’t tell them about Jesus.

You could reference the Luke 15 stories about the Lost Coin, Sheep and Son as another example.

3) Historical Story

Another great way to do Vision Casting in the meeting is to tell a short three-minute story. This of a historical figure who had an impact on the lost.

For example, you could tell a bit about the life of Adoniram Judson, missionary to Myanmar. Tell about how he left everything to bring the gospel to those who had never it heard before. During his lifetime, persecution was so great that he had more converts who died than were alive. He continued to press on because of his great passion to reach the lost of that area. Today there are millions of Burmese Christians who trace their spiritual roots to his witness. Then ask the group, “Are we also willing to make the necessary sacrifices to share the good news?”

Fuel the Fire of Passion

Remember, it doesn’t need to be very long. The consistent fueling of the fire of a passion for the lost within the believers will pay off. They will hear every week about the needs of unreached people and become more active reaching out to others.

Take a moment and write down 2 ways you could Vision Cast in your next meeting. Plan to make this as a normal part of your meeting with those you are training to be disciple-makers.

What other ideas do you have for Vision Casting within the three-part meeting? Are there creative things you’ve done that you’d like to share with others? We’d love to hear from you. Please let us know about them in the comments or on the Dmms Frontier Missions Facebook Group.


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  1. Daniel Malloy

    “vison casting” ? Never heard that term in the Bible, but Proverbs 29:18 says, “without vision the people perish, some translations say “prophetic vision” What vision is God talking about here? The subsequent passage reads, “happy are those that keep Gods law” the vision given produces obedience to the law or in our case the faith.
    The vision we pass to others is that of glory, the new heaven and earth, everlasting life in Christ Jesus the first love of all the faithful in Christ. If the Church has a consistent and persistent view of Gods riches in glory the world will take notice of the joy within us and evangelism will be a daily result


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