Online Training

A 12 week course with 6 modules


Kate from Australia saw three generations of house groups begin after taking this Online course! She highly recommends it!

Module 1: Clarify Your God-Sized Dream In this first module, you will listen to God to hear what is on His heart for your area or people group. You will dream with God and the rest of your team (if you have one). You will clarify your vision. At the end of this module you will have a written God-given End Vision that stretches your faith and provides guidance for the coming years.  

Module 2: Am I Too Busy to Multiply Disciples? In this part of your journey, we will face that very important question about busyness and how it impacts our disciple-making. How do we carve out time to do what our hearts long to do? To obey Jesus’ command to make disciples? Really do it, not just talk about it. I’ll show you proven simple strategies for managing your time and schedule in such a way that disciple-making becomes a reality for you. A few key shifts and habit changes can make a world of difference.  

Sawado from Rwanda started a group after taking this course that is already multiplying!

Module 3: Design Your Prayer Plan Every single movement that has been recorded in history made prayer a priority. Having an extraordinary prayer life doesn’t come automatically. We can get everything else right in our efforts, but without prayer…movements just don’t happen. In this module, I will help you think through the development of your prayer plan.  

Module 4: Abundant Seed Sowing This module will help you and your team think through your evangelism approaches and decide on one key way of sharing the gospel. Everyone on your team will learn and use this (and later the new believers too). You’ll have goals and targets in place for how to radically increase the number of people in your area who are hearing the gospel each week and will learn some super reproducible and simple tools for sharing your faith.  

Module 5: Finding Local Partners and the Person of Peace As you’re moving forward in this journey and begin sharing the gospel, you’ll be looking for what we call a Person of Peace. In this module, I will explain what that means and how to find the person who will open up your community to the gospel.  

Module 6: Start Your First Group The final module is the exciting part! That is when you will start your first disciple-making group! You’ll gather your team and/or new believers. If some people have come to faith at this point. I’ll walk you step by step through how to set up your disciple-making meeting. I’ll introduce the three-part disciple-makers meeting and teach you how to use it. I’ll even throw in an extra bonus video where you can watch me leading a one-hour disciple-making group so you can see exactly how to do this.