Overwhelmed By The Task?

overwhelmed by the task

Every single second someone in India dies not having heard the gospel. That’s 60 people in a minute. Each one is precious to God. The number of hairs on their head are known by Him. He watched them cry and laugh. He saw their joys and pain. Yet they die, having never heard of His love. India is one of many places where the needs of the unreached are massive. We could talk about the Middle East, China, Africa, or Bangladesh. Sometimes, when we see this great need, we feel completely overwhelmed by the task.

We Have To Be All In

When we look at our gifts, talents, and abilities- they seem so small compared to the need. Have you tried for more than a few months to launch a movement? Then you know it is way beyond possible unless miracles take place. At the same time, God wants us to give Him our all as we work on the vision He has given us. He wants us to be all in. Don’t hold back when you feel overwhelmed by the task.

Saving A Bit Of Cake

The other day in our village community, we celebrated a festival. There was a dance and a special meal. Everyone brought food. My husband was out-of-town, so I went alone. I decided to make a cake. I knew everyone would enjoy that.
overwhelmed by the taskKnowing my spouse was returning the next day, after baking the cake, I took out a piece. I wanted to save one for him. I didn’t want him to miss out. After removing a slice, the cake didn’t look very nice anymore. Hmm. What should I do? I decided to cut the whole cake into squares and serve it on a plate. That would hide the fact that I had taken out a piece beforehand. Smart right? read more

Faith and Works- Opposites or Equally Important?

faith and works

“I’m living by faith. If God wants it to happen, it will. ” This sounds so spiritual. It can, however, deceptively hide an unwillingness to risk failure or work hard. Sometimes we unknowingly deceive ourselves. We remain passive instead of stepping out to do something new or difficult. We struggle to believe that God will reward our actions of faith. Faith and works are not opposites. They are both equally important if we want to release a movement.

The problem of speaking about our faith without taking necessary actions to demonstrate it appears in many different areas of our lives as disciple makers. It shows up in our evangelism. We see it in our fundraising and finances. How we set goals says a lot about our faith as well. Our feelings of discouragement in the discipleship process as we help new believers grow and change is another area where this issue of faith and works arises.

God designed faith and works to go together. It is both/and, not either/or. We live by faith and we work hard too. We devote ourselves to the work of the ministry while trusting with all our hearts that God will do what we can’t. read more

Ever Feel Like You Don’t Have What It Takes?

enough for fruit

As we work in Disciple Making Movements, it is common for us to think that we need more. We think, “If we only had more money it would be so much easier to do what we are called to do. if we had more workers…we would finally get results,” we tell ourselves. Or, “If we had more training and more understanding…then things would start happening.” We have come to believe that we need more, that we do not have enough to do what God has called us to do to see a movement of Jesus’ disciples start.

This is not the truth! The Word of God says in Matt 6:8, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.”

Again, in 2 Peter 1:3 it says,

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.

2 Peter 1:3 NIV.

Let’s look at these Scriptures and another Bible story a bit more deeply. We must begin to believe and declare the truth of God’s Word regarding this.

God Knows What We Need

First, God knows what we need to do what He has called us to do. Even before we know what we need, He knows. Our generous Father does not withhold from us the things we need.

As it says in Matthew, even before we ask, He is already at work to release and provide it to us. He is not the kind of Father God who would give us a hard task to do, without the resources and tools at our disposal. read more

Is the Harvest Ripe in My Area?

harvest is ripe

Be honest. Have you ever complained that the people you are trying to reach are harder to reach than the people in another place? I have. I hear this a lot from those we train. It’s human nature to think that where we work is a more difficult place than anywhere else. Frustrated with our lack of results, we think, “Maybe the harvest isn’t ripe in my area. We’re still in the plowing and sowing stage.”

What if one day instead of talking about the problems related to our miserably small harvest, we were animatedly discussing the issues and difficulties related to a plentiful harvest? Sound like the kind of problem you’d seriously like to have?

A change in mindset could about the harvest could lead to this kind of problem one day in the near future.

We must change our thinking from “my people group (or area) is too resistant to see a DMM.” Instead, we must believe what Jesus told His disciples. He said, the harvest is ripe.

Don’t you have a saying, ‘It’s still four months until harvest’? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.

John 4:35 NIV.

Harvest Is a Theme of Scripture

Fruitfulness and multiplication are one of the most repeated themes in Scripture. How many times does the Bible mention harvest? 111 times. That’s a lot! And fruit? That’s mentioned 198 times. read more

How to Cooperate With God and Release Miracles


A Disciple Making Movement trainer I know uses this question with potential seekers. “If God were to do a miracle for you today, what would it be?” Let them answer, then pray for whatever they said. Watch and see what God will do. This simple evangelism strategy makes room for God to show off His power and tremendous love.

It’s a somewhat scary strategy for some.

When we pray for a miracle, we can feel like we will be evaluated based on what happens. If God does something unusual, great. If not, then we wonder if we will be discredited somehow. People might think we are dishonest, fraudulent promoters of kooky religious ideas. Or they may reject us as just plain weird. Others might feel we are trying to be someone great, but aren’t able to deliver the goods.

These concerns can prevent us from boldly asking God for miracles.

How do miracles work? Why does God seem to answer some people’s prayers but not others? Is this an issue of spiritual gifting? How do you know if you have that gift or not? You may have asked some of these questions. read more

Do Your Actions Demonstrate a Faith in the God of the Impossible?

demonstrate faith

It is easy to say we believe God can do anything. “He is a God of the impossible,” we declare. In reality, our actions speak louder than words. Does your daily lifestyle reflect this? What steps of faith are you taking that lean hard on God to do what you can not?

As we pursue movements, we must continually grow as people of faith. Those who catalyze, or lead movements, have a robust faith in the God of the impossible. They demonstrate this faith through both their words and actions.

How Faith Grows in Us

Faith and trust are similar. In our relationship with God, trust grows as we know Him better and experience His work in our lives. We learn to depend on Him and believe Him for greater things.

These are a few things that grow our faith in God.

  • Spending regular time in the Word of God. (Romans 10:17)
  • Intentionally choosing to take faith risks and stretch ourselves.
  • Examining our childhood memories and asking God to heal. (Basic trust issues)
  • Reminding ourselves of who He is and what He has done for us in the past.

Throw Me Higher, Daddy

When our kids were little, one of the things they loved for my husband to do was to throw them up in the air. They delighted in the thrill of this. The higher he threw them, the louder they screamed “Again, daddy, again.”

He would hurl their little bodies up into the air, then catch them and pull them tight as they came down. Soon his arms would tire and he’d have to stop. They were always begging for more. read more

Should Movement Catalysts Help People in Financial Distress?

financial distress

It is tricky. How do you love people well, without giving to their financial needs? Our words must not be empty. We don’t want to say “I’ll pray for you,” and do nothing practical to help those in true financial distress. At the same time, if we give in the wrong way, we create unhealthy dependency. This is a death factor in movements and can destroy the chances you will multiply rapidly.

As you reach out to the least, last, and lost, inevitably you will encounter those with desperate needs. These needs are emotional, physical, and spiritual. A disciple maker needs to avoid burn-out by setting boundaries on what they will do for those they minister to. How much do you give? When do you give? How do you give? These are vital questions to answer as you attempt to start Disciple Making Movements among the unreached.

What Did Jesus Do About Financial Distress?

In everything we do as disciple makers, we look first to Jesus as our model. How did He handle desperate need? Our principles on this must be more than good strategy. They need to come from Scripture. read more

How to Set God-sized Effective Goals for 2020

2020 goals

Do you have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions? You’re not alone. We love the opportunity to have a fresh start, a new beginning. We resolve to do better this year in those difficult areas of our lives like health, exercise, and other things. At the same time, it can be disillusioning. Year after year you make the same resolutions only to abandon and forget about them. I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions. In contrast, setting God-inspired goals for the New Year is a powerful practice in our lives.

Dr. Gail Matthew’s research said, “You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals by writing them down.” I think that increases to about 75% if you write them down after having listened to God, heard from Him and prayed about them.

The likelihood of meeting those goals continues to rise if you keep them constantly in front of you. Even more so, if you regularly evaluate your progress.

Many of us are from oral cultures and writing things down takes a lot of effort. It’s worth the time invested, even if what you write down is short and simple. read more

Do you Assume They Are Closed to the Gospel?

closed to the gospel

It sounds so easy on the mission field to share the gospel! It is harder here,” said a young woman attending one of our talks. She went on to explain. The people around her didn’t want to hear the gospel. She was afraid of offending them. So, she kept quiet. Inside, she longed to share the good news of Jesus. Outwardly, she found it difficult. The key issue was her belief that the people around her really didn’t want to hear the message she had to share. This false belief can paralyze us in evangelism.

Why should we overcome our own fears and inhibitions, give up our precious time? If they won’t listen anyhow?

It may be true that some do not show interest or even resist your message. That doesn’t mean everyone will feel that way. In fact, sometimes those who reject you are actually hearing more than you realize. Evangelism and faith must work together.

Start From a Position of Faith

We can assume that God is working in people’s lives around us. As we share the gospel, we begin from a place of faith, believing that He is already at work in this person’s life. He loves them. He created them. He has been preparing them to hear what we have to say. read more

Motivation #1: A Passion for God’s Glory

passion for God's glory

Motivations matter. Your why comes before your what. Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why is a best-selling business book. His premise is true in more than business. It’s true in life. Motivations affect us as we pursue Disciple Making Movements. If your reason for wanting to launch a movement is not clear, you may not experience what you are hoping for. Our first important motivation must be a passion for God’s glory.

How deeply do you long for His glory? What does that mean?

In my last article, I described the many different motivations we have for wanting to multiply disciples. Some of those motivations are inappropriate. Some are healthy and good. Not all motivations will sustain you in the long road of launching a movement.

A passion for God’s glory will.

This article is not an attempt to develop a theological treatise on the glory of God. Space is way too limited. So is your time to read this. I do want to describe a time God helped me understand more about this important topic. read more