Got a Love/Hate Relationship with New Year’s Resolutions?

happy new year 2023

Many of our New Year’s resolutions don’t last very long. Goals you’ve taken time to pray about and receive from God are much more useful. In the 5-minute talk below, C. Anderson shares her process of setting goals for the New Year.

Happy New Year! May 2023 be your most fruitful year ever!

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The transcript of the video is below.

I have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. How about you? Yeah. Like most people, and there are a lot of us like this, there are a few things that I set a goal for every single year. Things like exercise or weight loss that well, let’s just say they usually only last a few weeks before we abandon that goal and move on.

Thus the hate-love relationship with New Year’s resolutions. But why do I love them? I want to share that with you as well. I guess it’s the feeling of hope and new opportunity that each New Year brings. I love that. read more

Who Will You Tell the Greatest Story to This Christmas?

greatest story

There is no time like Christmas to share the story of Jesus! A few days ago, a pastor friend asked in a group of pastors “How will you keep Christ at the center of your Christmas celebrations?” My response flew immediately to my fingers (and keyboard). The best way to keep Jesus central is to share His story with those waiting to hear it!

I realize this can be easier said than done. Not everyone wants to hear the message. Some feel they’ve heard it before and are not interested. Others, though, are longing…waiting for someone to point them toward the only One who can turn their darkness into light.

Who will you share His story with this season?

For many years, I’ve sought God’s leading in December. How can I share His story with those around me? It’s easy to get busy with Christmas programs, parties with friends…all the things that pull at our attention during this season.

This Season Is About Him

I’m asking. I’m seeking. Lord Jesus, this season is about you. How do you want to use me this year? read more

3 Holiday Tips to Make the Most of the Advent Season

holiday tips

I’m drinking coffee at a restaurant in Bangkok, listening to “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” play softly over the music system. A smile spreads across my face. Here in Thailand, where it is quite warm, I’ll certainly not be seeing snow! It is December, though, and time to consider my Christmas plans. What will I do with Christmas this year? The question scrolls across my mind, begging attention.

For years, I’ve resisted the commercialism of the holiday and the grand busyness it creates. Instead, I’ve endeavored to embrace the season as a wonderful time to proclaim Jesus’ story. Wherever I’ve lived, I’ve found this a time when people are more open to hearing His message than at other times of the year.

In the past, we’ve called people to take a Christmas challenge. Asking all to share the story of Jesus with at least one person on each day leading up to December 25th. I’m a bit late for that this year.

A recent trip to Africa set me back a bit on getting that arranged. It’s not too late to think carefully about how to best steward the opportunity this special month provides. How about you? How will you make good use of this chance to make our Lord’s story known to others? read more