Why Dmms?

What is all the “fuss” about?  Why do people get so passionate about Disciple Making Movements (DMMs) or Church Planting Movements?  Is it just another missions “fad”?

Reading this and you’ve been pursuing starting a DMM (Disciple Making Movement) for some time? Read on.  Be encouraged and inspired once again.  I’d love to hear in the comments why you got “on board” with the vision for DMMs.  Tell us your story!

The God-sized dream of seeing movements of disciples among the last, least and lost began for me more than 20 years ago.  It’s morphed and changed through the years.  I’ve had highs and lows.  It still burns inside of me.  It still gets me out of bed in the morning.  Why?

My Journey with DMMs

I am missionary kid.  Growing up in West Africa, I caught a heart for lost people, for those who had never heard about Jesus from my father.  We went together to remote African villages on a motorcycle, crossing rivers on rafts, trekking into the “bush” (the West African word for jungle) in order to share the good news with those who would have no other opportunity to hear it.

I won’t tell the full story here, but years later, God called my husband and I into church planting ministry among those who were “yet to hear.”  We were young, pregnant with our first daughter, and in that early stage of language learning when we heard George Patterson speak and were introduced to what he called Train and Multiply.  Our vision went immediately from the idea of starting one church, to starting churches that started others.

DMMsAs we looked at the challenge of the millions of lost people around us, we knew that something had to be different from past approaches.  We had to work in such a way that more people could meet Jesus and have their lives transformed.  We wanted to disciple a nation, not just one or two people- or even a few hundred!  The only possibility of that was if we saw huge numbers of people come sweeping into God’s Kingdom.

We were deeply impacted by the lost condition of the people we lived among.  I’ll never forget the first time I saw a dead body carried on shoulders down the street to the cremation site.  I wonder if they got a chance to hear the gospel?  It wreaked me.

Looking for An Answer

Somehow we had to find ways for more people to hear!  Somehow, we had to find ways for more to believe, and when they did, to be discipled.  We had to find a way where true exponential multiplication would happen.  It was the only answer I could find to the lost condition of people apart from Jesus I encountered every day around me.

In Luke 19: 40 and 41, we read two seemingly disconnected verses.

40“I tell you,” He answered, “if they remain silent, the very stones will cry out.” 41 As Jesus approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it.

What are my two main answers to the question Why DMMs?

  1. He deserves their worship, and  2) His heart breaks for the Lost.

If we don’t make disciples of a lot of people, who make disciples of a lot more people until the world is filled with the glory of God and all the nations worship Him…the rocks will cry out.  He MUST be worshiped. He is worthy of it.

Jesus  saw Jerusalem and wept. His heart was broken.

Has he broken your heart with the things that break His?

The millions around me who have never heard compel me to do something.  I want them all to hear! I want them all to have the chance to experience His love, transformation and miracles as I have.

DMMs are the most logical way I can see massive numbers of lost people come to know Jesus in the nations where I live. DMMs are the fastest possible way to see these nations transformed and discipled.

I could give you lots of statistics as to Why DMMs?  Maybe one day I’ll write another blog about that.  For me, it just makes sense.  Do the math.  It’s not hard. Even for someone not great at math like me.

Multiplication is going to lead to more than addition.  🙂 Its as simple as that.

We have to pursue discipleship methods and approaches that multiply rather than simply add new people to the family…to the kingdom.

Ready to go after DMMs yet?

Hungry to learn how to multiply disciples?  Step by step resources and encouragement are available to help you.

  • To get started – follow this blog.
  • Then, send us a message and introduce yourself.  That will sign you up for future email interaction that will help you get some great resources.

Been doing this for a long time?  What is your WHY DMMs answer?

Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Denwosu Chibuike

    I appreciate your cares and serious efforts in showing love to a lost world of sinners. I would love to be involved in your ministry knowing how much I can benefit and grow in my desire to preach the gospel and being a vessel in the hands of God to share His words and love to mankind. I’m the pastor of Faith Baptist Church of Aba, Abia State of Nigeria. I not only desire to learn from you, I also strongly request that we start Bible conference in our church where you will come and preach,teach and encourage discipleship programme. Just hope this would meet with your kind and favourable response.

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  2. Dereje

    You are the one who can lead the peoples of GOD to the lord Jesus like a Mosses. be strong GOD have more for you.
    GOD bless you

    1. adebayo oyedele

      I want to thank you so much about the information. One thing that is causing unrest in my heart is that, I pastor a small church and I so much desire to see the members know Jesus the way I came to know him and for the to be discipled. Since I got to know about DMM especially when I read about the fastest growing church in the world is in Iran, led by women and are using DMM strategy. It has caused me more unrest in my heart and desiring to see same happen through our church.

      PLEASE, I need HELP as I want to see many come to Jesus, growing in him and also seeing them making disciples too.

      1. Post

        Amen! God sees your passionate heart and desperate cry. Please keep reading the blog here and getting help and insights from the DMM Facebook group. As we work together, we can see all His purposes come to pass. Blessings!

      2. Moses Wairagala

        Hello, Praise God.
        Thank you for these training.
        The reason I decided to pursue the DMM is to get more knowledge and skills of getting people into God’s Kingdom.
        I also Christ’s heart is out there longing to see many come to him and forsake their evil ways so this knowledge and skills about DMM shall enable me fulfil the great commission.
        O er six years now I have been doing door to door evangelism and I have a calling to start ministry, so needed this to be able train those who will train others to multiply the disciples of Jesus Christ.
        Thank you very much for sponsoring me in these trainings.
        Pastor Moses

  3. kadondi tom mboya

    I am a trainer of trainee I have walk with Dmm for almost a year right now! being receiving Christ as my personal savior help me to work with challenge that are found in between and courage where there are difficult and move on, the move need sacrifice sometime you feel like giving up.
    But prayer make someone to be strong,sometime temptation come looking where your faith with God is the Temptation of betrayal with staff to leave what you are doing,sometime being suspended because they feel that I m interfering with people to do there work,My boss is Muslim it reach a time that my boss told me to choose two things either to be transferred in semi arid area to go and surfer a place where I could not be able to gather any one for Discussing Bible or to be Terminated,I remember one day i went into his office for Discussing the issue ,dealing with Job,we did not understand one another i say to heck with that,
    I say by talking with people by saying I will never bow down for human being like me right now I m in estate my fate I don’t even know,sometime when I will resume at my place of work,sometime I can be transferred I don’t even know what can be next but prayer.
    So I need your prayer can change everything.thanks

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  4. kadondi tom

    Thank you dmmsfrontiermission I m good and also protected with the blood of Christ,I have been transferred within In Nairobi but bit far with my area ,this year was my worst year but prayer can change thing ,i m know looking
    how the group can multiply thanks

  5. Paul

    For me it was the fact Jesus came to seek and save the lost, S a church leader at the time it struck me we rarely sought the lost. When A man froze on the streets to death, I knew I was done with meetings, and felt called to leave the 99. I wish I’d seen lots of multiplication since but I haven’t, I’ve had alot of stops and starts, I’ve questioned and still do my ability to raise up leaders and it seems alot of the local churches dont like me around as maybe I’m there to steal there sheep etc, I’m hopeful this year now God has delivered me of fear and rejection and arrogance and pride etc, that he will begin to build the house for us. I long to see a DMM in England x

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      Thanks so much Paul for your honesty and transparency about your journey. We stand with you in believing for a DMM in England and for fresh beginnings and new breakthroughs for you in 2020! Many blessings.

  6. Nora

    Hello Cindy. Thanks for all the efforts to keep me trusting the HS each moment for DMM be possible in my country Venezuela.

  7. Joshua Rayos

    Hello my name is Joshua, thank you for this wonderful information and truth your sharing. I’m new to DMM thought even though it’s all over scripture. I live in the States and see the challenge of traditional understanding of ministry and our nation is suffering for it. I’m working on my undergraduate for Christian ministry and feel lost at times to know what direction to take. I believe this is the way to follow for ministry. How does this method apply here? Do you have any information to help me?
    Thank you for the time. Blessings

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      Hi Joshua. Great to meet you! You are not alone. Many in the USA and Europe are beginning to experiment with DMMs in their contexts. In some places they are seeing multiple generations take off. Recommend you read this recent article by Chris Galanos in the Mission Frontiers magazine. It will give you some ideas. Chris also has a great book and is experimenting with DMM in the USA with some good success. http://www.missionfrontiers.org/issue/article/2414-goal-movement-engagements-in-every-unreached-people-and-place-by-2025

  8. Cindy Owino Maua

    Thank you for sharing this inspiring story of your walk with Christ from that young age. I am touched by the great work you have done of multiplying disciples and bringing thousands to the Lord’s Kingdom.
    Personally, I grew up in a staunch Catholic home. My parents were so strict bringing us up. I went through Catholic schools in my early years to high school. I think it was at this time that l felt the Calling, the urge of dedicating my whole life as a Missionary Nun(sister) just the thought of going outside my comfort in pursuit of Christ’s work excited me. Seeing the white sisters’ devotion to teaching us to be obedient followers of Christ, motivated and inspired me a lot. at this point, l knew exactly what l wanted to be, a Nun, join Convent and dedicate my whole life to Christ, I attended all the Young Aspirants workshops throughout my primary, Secondary and High school. I was sure the Lord had called me and wanted me to work for Him this way because l had a passion that l couldn’t explain. I shared with my parents and they were excited. But this was NOT to be, my Advanced certificate Results came out, I was to join Convent at this stage and join college after my Novitiate and being professed as a nun, but I opted for the vice and that was the end of that Dream.
    I have several questions linger my mind for so many years if that wasn’t the path l was to follow in dedicating my life for Christ then, what was it? In what way was l to work for Christ? I may not share my Story here today, but the thing is, years later, l got saved and for the first time received JESUS Christ as my PERSONAL savior, still, there was something still lacking in my life, I tried many things to IMPACT in God’s Kingdom but there was no fulfillment, I felt empty until I came across your live add in FB, and l knew EXACTLY what l wanted to do after feeling EMPTY for so many years, I knew here is where God wanted me to be, to transform thousands of lost souls, impact thousands of lives in a different way than what l wanted to dedicate my life for many years ago. I would have impacted many but NOT Thousands, and l thank God for opening my eyes for this. Today, l feel Peace, Peace that surpasses any human understanding, l haven’t felt this for years, just the thought of bringing thousands of the lost to Christ, brings me joy and a smile in my soul. I am here because it is Worthy and it pays to work for the Lord, l am obeying His commandment of fishing the lost and am ready to be a Fisher of Men!

  9. Christian Shodankeh George Abdulai

    Am Bro. Christian Abdulai from freetown sierra leone west africa… Am a trainer of DMMs and CPMs for over the past two years and I’ve discover many things Discipleship Making Movement and the Church Planting Movement it really and life transforming when you meet a right team out there… over the past years ive seeking DMM as one of the Evangelistic tools for rapid disciples and it a globalization way to bring other partners for reaching the unreached in our communities, villages and areas were we are living…

  10. Rev. Alastair S. Zorh, Sr.

    I have interest in the train and multiply method. Do you have some working materials in that light to help us with some for our church planting work. we will appreciate if you were to assist us with some of the training materials to enable us many lost people even in our cross border endeavors.

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      Cynthia Anderson

      Good to hear of your interest! We do have many materials available to help! What I would suggest is that you pray about taking our Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements course and through that becoming part of our community. In the course we offer many materials as well as training on how to use them to multiply disciples and churches. Go to https://courses.disciplemakersincrease.org/p/disciple-making-movements to find out more. We have a special rate for Africans and scholarships available.

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