God Chose You to Bear Fruit

I’ve always wanted to be fruitful in God’s kingdom. I longed to make a true difference. Doubt often filled my heart. Would God really use me to start Disciple-Making Movements? Was I the right kind of person? Did I have it in me? I needed to know my disciple making identity.

I looked back on my years in missions and saw lots of evidence that maybe the answer was no. False starts. Failed attempts. Lost people I’d made friendships with but never managed to truly share the good news with, or not very effectively anyhow.

disciple making identityWas it unwise to even hope that God would want to start a movement of disciples through me? Maybe I was setting myself up for failure and further disappointment by embracing this goal.

If you can identify with this, you are not alone. Many of us who God calls to his kingdom work of seeing multiplication among the unreached feel that way at one time or another. (Or sometimes fairly regularly.) So what is our baseline? What do we go back to when deciding whether or not Disciple Making Movements- DMMs are for us? (Sometimes we have to decide and re-decide this fairly often).

In this post and the next few that follow, I’d like to give you my scriptural baseline. This is where the foundation for faith that God can use me to start DMMs comes from.

You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.– John 15:16 NIV

That is my bottom line. God chose and ordained me to bear lasting fruit. This is my disciple making identity.

Out of all the millions on this planet, He looked around and He saw me and said, “I want her on my team.” Remember those days back in elementary school, when they picked teams for kickball? It felt so good to be chosen by the captain to play for their team!

That is exactly what God has done for you. He chose you to play for His team. He chose you to bear fruit that would last. That is what this verse proclaims!

It takes away the ifs and buts of DMMs for me. Its not about if I am smart enough, capable enough, outgoing enough, persevering enough, or anything else (fill in the blank) enough! All we need to know is that we are His chosen ones. Since He chose us; He will coach us, train us, guide us, empower us, anoint us, and use us to bear much fruit in His Kingdom.


  1. Adebayo

    I want to thank you for this article, as it an assurance again to me even though I have faced disappointments in my efforts to do evanglism and discipleship. You have made the word I received in 1992 found in Acts 13:47 to come alive again.

    To this I pray. Father, you that you gave me your word in Acts 13:47, I ask that you coach me, train me, guide me, empower me, anoint me, and use me to bear much fruit in your Kingdom in Jesus name. Amen

  2. Joyce

    Thank you C. Anderson for sharing this article on God’s appointment.

    It is a great joy for me to be assured that God chose and appointed me to go and bear fruit that remains. Currently, prayer is my starting point. Asking Jesus Christ to lead and connect me to those He has prepared to receive His Gospel.

  3. Erick

    this is incredible materials i have been yearning for many years. my turn is to go and multiply the disciples of Jesus Christ.
    it’s my prayer that lord lead to those who are calling for salvation.

    thanks for DMM
    God bless the group

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  4. prince

    Thank you so much. It’s a wonderful encouragement and lessons for me. Really I am frustrated and want to live the work.
    Through you writings again I get hope n encouraged to restart with prayer. please Pray for me and continue this type of real life.

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      C. Anderson

      May God encourage your heart by His Spirit today Prince and give you life and hope. He is the God who is able to do the impossible, the God who fed the 5,000, who healed the sick and raised the dead. And He has given us His Spirit and promise. Persevere and continue to obey Him. He will do the hard things…

      1. Justin Muyatwa

        I think I have found what I was looking for, I’m interested in making disciples who will make other disciples.
        May God bless all those involved in equipping servants of God.I will go were God assigns me to go and make disciples who will make other disciples.
        Thank you.God bless you all.

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