Barnabas-Style Coaching (Part 2)


Barnabas-Style coaching is wrapped up in a simple, two-sentence Bible story about Barnabas.

“When he arrived and saw the evidence of the grace of God, he was glad and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts. He was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and a great number of people were brought to the Lord.”

Acts 11:23-24 NIV

In a previous blog, Kevin (guest contributor), introduced Barnabas and his coaching style. This week we continue to learn about the important role of coaching in Disciple Making Movements and some simple, reproducible tips on how to get coaching started in your own network. read more

Barnabas-Style Coaching (Part 1)


Morale was at an all-time low. My European friends were participants at a Harvest Multiplication Training event I helped organize in North India. Though the training was practical, my friends wondered if this—or anything—would help them in their setting. They had worked for over 15 years within an Unreached People Group in South Asia, yet still had seen no fruit.

Together we hoped that follow-up coaching after this training would make a difference. In my organization’s Frontier Missions work, we have discovered the power of combining effective training with mentoring and/or coaching. read more

7 Principles for Leadership Development in Disciple Making Movements

leadership development

The movement is beginning to multiply. You have second and third-generation groups beginning. You sense that the leaders of the groups need more input. What is the best way to train leaders in a movement?

As we look at this issue we first look to Jesus. How did He train leaders for His movement? We can also draw best practices from growing movements happening today.

Birthing a Movement

When I first began to learn about church multiplication, I attended a two-day seminar with George Patterson. George was one of the “fathers” of movement thinking. I learned so much from him in those two short days! read more

Why You Can’t Make Disciples In a Meeting

Meetings don’t make disciples, people do. Disciple making happens life on life.

We have a tendency to revert to old ways of thinking, even as we pursue a Disciple Making Movement. Christianity has become very meeting and event-oriented.

Discipleship is so much more than a weekly meeting! To make disciples who will make disciples, you must be willing to invest in deep relationships with those you train. You will need to practice life on life discipleship.

Jesus Invested Well

Jesus didn’t train disciples in a weekly meeting. He lived His life in close daily relationships with a group of twelve. He trained and invested in them. If we want to see movements, we must shift our understanding of discipleship away from meetings and toward relationships. read more

Outros Elementos Importantes de Uma Igreja

Antes de continuarmos sobre as próximas cinco características da igreja primitiva, faça uma pausa por um momento. Quais das cinco primeiras funções acima estão funcionando bem em sua própria  comunhão? Quais estão faltando, ou não é muito comum? Isso não é para criticar nossas próprias igrejas, mas ao considerarmos multiplicar os tipos de igrejas que crescerão rapidamente, precisamos parar e considerar quais mudanças podem e precisa ser feito. Você tem algumas coisas em mente? Ótimo! Então vamos olhar para os próximos cinco elementos da vida da igreja primitiva em Atos. read more

5 Características de Uma Igreja


Definições da Igreja

As definições da igreja podem ser confusas. É por isso que a pergunta “O que torna uma igreja uma igreja?” é uma pergunta importante a fazer! Na seção anterior, examinamos as duas principais metáforas no Novo Testamento usado para descrever a igreja; o Corpo de Cristo e a Família de Deus. Agora nós queremos considerar a função da igreja. Isso nos ajudará a entender melhor qual é a ideia de Deus do que é a igreja.

Igreja Nas Casa ou Ponto de Pregação? read more

Corpo e Família – Metáforas da Igreja

No Novo Testamento, a palavra original grega para igreja é ekklésia. Esta palavra significa aqueles que são “Chamados do mundo para Deus”. Para entender isso melhor, é importante pensar nas idéias usadas na Bíblia para explicar o que a igreja deve ser.

Havia duas metáforas principais usadas no Novo Testamento para descrever a igreja.

São elas: 1) o Corpo de Cristo e 2) a Família de Deus. Quando a igreja funciona como um corpo e um família, começa a parecer exatamente com o que a Bíblia descreve como uma igreja. read more

4 Principles of Integral Mission and DMMs

integral mission

Can community development and Disciple Making Movements flow together? This guest blog on integral mission was written by my friend Martine. Her story and input provide a clear answer to this question.

My first experiences in mission were in a time of famine. We worked among a nomadic tribe. They were one hundred percent of another faith and lived in Sub-Saharan Africa. As a medical doctor, I treated them during the day, and as a missionary evangelized in the evening.

During an epidemic, many children were dying of cholera. Often, too often, mothers brought me back the medicine I gave them, with their dead baby in their arms. They would tell me: “Thank you, Dr. M., for what you did to help us. But it was God’s will to take my child away “. As a young doctor, I felt more and more inadequate and desperate. read more

Will You Miss What God Is Doing In This Crisis?


Crisis brings out the best and worst within us. Some personalities love a challenge. Adversity inspires them. Climbing Mount Everest, participating in a Triathalon, winning an Olympic medal…these people amaze me! Not everyone has an extreme adventure personality. Some of us freeze when there is a crisis. We have no idea what to do. Others are pessimistic by nature. When a major problem hits, they see all the possibilities of what could go wrong.

In the midst of the COVID-19 global crisis, what kind of person will you be? read more

Motivation #1: A Passion for God’s Glory

passion for God's glory

Motivations matter. Your why comes before your what. Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why is a best-selling business book. His premise is true in more than business. It’s true in life. Motivations affect us as we pursue Disciple Making Movements. If your reason for wanting to launch a movement is not clear, you may not experience what you are hoping for. Our first important motivation must be a passion for God’s glory.

How deeply do you long for His glory? What does that mean?

In my last article, I described the many different motivations we have for wanting to multiply disciples. Some of those motivations are inappropriate. Some are healthy and good. Not all motivations will sustain you in the long road of launching a movement. read more