What Do You Have In Common With Winston Churchill?

tenacity in disciple making movements

Never, never, never, give in!” These were the words of Winston Churchill during one of England’s bleakest moments. It was 1941 and Hitler’s troops were advancing. The American forces had not yet entered the war and things looked bad for Europe. He went on to say, *“Never yield to force; tenacity in disciple making movementsnever yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” We need great tenacity in Disciple-Making Movements (DMMs). We must never, never, never give in until God’s Kingdom is established and growing among the unreached.

What Exactly Is The Meaning Of Tenacity?

Tenacity is defined as “the quality of being very determined.” I love those words- very determined. How tenacious are you about seeing your people group reached? Or the one God called you to work among? Victory is ours in Jesus. We already know that. But there is still an enemy who so often looks hard to defeat. Like in Churchill’s quote, sometimes we are tempted to “yield to the overwhelming might” that is displayed around us. We must not. We must be extremely determined to overcome the obstacles. Difficulties must be faced until we see the victory we are guaranteed. Tenacity in Disciple-Making Movements is a must!

I Feel Like Quitting Every Day

For many years I did active church planting in the field. I would often tell people, “I feel like quitting every single day.” Too honest? Sorry about that. It was true. I hope you aren’t disappointed in me for that. Okay, I need to restate this.

Many times in my life as a leader I’ve felt like quitting almost every single day. I hope I am not shocking you! Again, my apologies.

God has always somehow called me to do things that are humanly impossible. I’m not sure why, to be honest. Why would he entrust someone like me with these amazing visions and tasks? Why would He call me, in all my weaknesses, to start movements of disciples around the world? Maybe it’s because He knew I understood the need for tenacity in Disciple Making Movements.

When we are faced with an impossible task, I guess it is normal to feel like quitting. The important thing though is that you don’t. Feeling like quitting, and quitting are two different things!

By God’s grace, though every day I felt like quitting as a disciple-maker and leader, I have not. I’ve been able to be tenacious, to stay very determined. It is that God-given determination that helped me and those I worked with. Tenacity helped us press through obstacles. We kept going, until the vision for DMMs, became a reality in our situation.

“No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.” Romans 8:37-NLT

What Are You Overwhelmed By? God or the Enemy?

I love this verse from Romans. It doesn’t focus on the overwhelming aspect of the enemy. It focuses on the overwhelming victory God promised. Do you feel overwhelmed? Feel like quitting? You are not alone. Yet we must press on!

Judges Chapter 3 is really interesting to me. We see there that God sometimes puts difficulties in our lives to train us. In that passage, we read how God left certain enemy nations in the Promised Land. He needed to test the new generation in Israel because they had not seen a war in the desert. Though the Promised Land was theirs, God wanted them to have to fight for it.

Why Would That Be?

God is developing us into people who can overcome. He sometimes allows us to have to fight so we will grow strong. If there is no resistance, we do not become powerful.

It is a bit like lifting weights or exercise. If you don’t have to push against something, you don’t develop strong muscles. The bigger the challenge, or weight, the more the determination it takes to be able to lift it. But as we press through those things, we get stronger.

God wants to develop your spiritual tenacity muscles! He wants you to continue to pursue the dream of a Disciple Making Movement, even if you “feel” like giving up.

I was talking with someone who reads my blog the other day. As we spoke of rapid multiplication, he mentioned the difficulties. One thing that loomed large for him was the traditional church in his area. There, pastors don’t believe in ordinary believers being released to share the gospel. They don’t think they can disciple others and start groups (house churches) on their own. Especially not new, “ordinary” believers! That is indeed a tough obstacle.

God wants to show him, and all of us, how to overcome! That difficulty is not too big for God! Nor is it too big for you. Press on! Grow in tenacity! Don’t give in!

What Is Your Greatest Test?

What challenges are you facing? Do you feel like quitting? Giving up on the dream of a Disciple Making Movement? Settling for something less than the fullness of what God spoke to you about?

God hasn’t given up, and the battle isn’t over yet.

Take a few minutes and meditate on the verse above (Romans 8:37). Write it out and put it somewhere you can see it every day this week. You might even want to memorize it.

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