Month: September 2022

Movement Pioneers Are Busy and Overwhelmed…How Can We Help?

deacons movements

Is it time to appoint deacons? What is the difference between a deacon and an overseer? What do they do in a DMM (Disciple Making Movement)? Can I call myself Bishop if I am the leader of a movement?

I’ve been writing a series on leadership development in Disciple Making Movements. This is Part Five of that series. Please remember that what I write is not to be applied to legacy or traditional churches. My goal is not to attack churches or tell anyone that their denominational tradition is wrong.

My aim is to help DMM practitioners look at scripture and consider how to apply these scriptures in a growing movement (DMM or CPM). One that needs leadership.

If you are not involved in trying to start a movement of disciples in your area, these articles may be interesting to consider. I must emphasize, however, that they should not be used to leverage criticism of existing church structures.

In this article, we will consider passages in the New Testament on deacons, bishops, and overseers. These terms may not be helpful to use in a DMM, but principles from these passages definitely will guide us. read more

Five Tips on When to Release Responsibility in Disciple-making


Jesus gave authority and power away before his disciples were fully ready. Do we? Sometimes I am afraid to give away responsibility. What if they mess it up? Most of the time I am slower to give away power and authority than I suspect Jesus would be.

Disciple Making Movements (DMMs) model everything after Jesus. Paul’s a great model too. Today I read Luke 9 in my daily devotions. I got stuck on verse one, “He gave them power and authority…” Then, in verse two, He sent them out to use it, however imperfectly.

We find the releasing of authority repeated in the Great Commission. “All authority in Heaven and on Earth I have given to you. Therefore, go and make disciples…” (Matt. 28:18). After a few years with this rag-tag team of people, He gave them everything that was His. But first, He gave them power and sent them out when He was still nearby to see how they did with it.

In Disciple Making Movements (DMMs) and Church Planting Movements (CPMs), we apply a model of experience, debrief, train, and repeat. Before people are “ready” they are doing and trying. This is not without feedback and the help to learn as they do. read more

What is the Most Often Neglected Task of an Effective Christian Leader?

training trainers

What is the main job of a pastor or Christian leader? Or of anyone with ministry gifts and experience? Is it to prepare quality sermons that inspire and instruct drawing people to attend church services? You may believe their primary job is to provide pastoral care to those who are sick and in hospital. Or perhaps it is to oversee the staff team of the church. According to the book of Ephesians, none of these are the primary task of those with ministerial gifts and responsibilities. Our most important responsibility is to train others to do what we do.

If you are an apostle/pioneer, you need to train and mentor other apostles. If you have the gift of teaching, how can you empower others to also teach and train? If you are a leader, what other leaders can you develop and raise up?

Often, those in full-time ministry feel their job is to do the ministry themselves. After all, that is what we are getting paid for, right? Or if you are a missionary volunteer, you may think- that is what people support me to do. This is not the right mindset if we want to see the multiplication of disciples. read more