How My DMM Journey Began

DMM Journey

Disciple Making Movements, or DMMs, are a mission and church multiplication paradigm that has gained credibility in recent years. For most who pursue them, they are more than a strategy though. They are a passion. A desperate sense of urgency to see lost people come to know Christ drives them to the costly pursuit of rapidly multiplying groups of disciples in their area.

Movement practitioners are willing to face persecution from within and without, and to spend much time on their knees. Mountain tops of breakthrough and valleys of discouragement are all part of the DMM journey.

This week, I thought I’d take a break from the series I’ve been writing about on leadership in a DMM, and share instead a video clip from a recent interview by a friend and mentor in movements- Uncle Victor. In the clip, he asks how I got started in this journey.

For those who prefer to read, below the video is a transcript. I pray my story encourages you.

Continue to persevere step by step as you and God are writing your own story. Keep walking your DMM journey toward the release of a movement. It may have as many twists and turns as my journey has also had, but the destination is well worth the sacrifice! read more

Lessons from My Favorite Christmas Hero

christmas hero

Who is your favorite Christmas hero? Santa Claus? The elves or wise men? My favorite is Mary, Jesus’ mom. It could be because I am a mother. She is amazing! There is much to learn from her example.

Young Mary was an extraordinary woman. Handpicked by God, she gave birth to the greatest miracle of all time. God has chosen you and me to birth miraculous movements to Christ. Disciple Making Movements are amazing acts of God. Mary’s life of absolute surrender, faith for what she’d never seen or experienced, and willingness to suffer are a few things we learn from her.

Struggling With an Impossible Dream

There are days when I struggle with my calling to launch movements. I look at who I am, my weaknesses, my failings, and wonder. How could God use someone like me? My heart can easily drift into doubts and fears as I look at the impossible, God-sized vision He trusts me to pursue.

Do you ever ask those questions?

They’re not all bad. In some ways, it shows humility to realize we can never launch a movement (or do anything of value) apart from His divine work. read more

A Christmas Prayer for Disciple Makers

Instead of a blog this week, my gift to you is a Christmas prayer.

The wonder of Christmas through the eyes of a child.

May your heart be filled with wonder, infused with a surprising level of joy this week.

May you once again marvel as you contemplate the incredible miracle of the Christ-child’s birth.