Month: December 2020

Share Jesus In a New Way This Christmas!

explain christmas

Feeling frustrated that it isn’t quite as easy to share about Jesus, the reason for the season this year?  Let’s try something new.  Join the #explainchristmaschallenge with me. Let’s saturate social media with short videos that share the true meaning of this holiday!

I wrote about this last week, but it’s not too late to join in and do this.

Christmas is in a few days, but this doesn’t take long to do.  

Here’s how

  • Make a 15 to 30-second video explaining what Christmas means to you.
  • Send it out on WhatsApp, Signal, or post it on Instagram or Facebook, Twitter, etc. Be sure to use the hashtag #explainchristmaschallenge on social media if you live in a place where it is safe for you to do so.
  • In the post, invite people to private message you to learn more.
  • Begin a spiritual conversation with them over messenger or WhatsApp
  • Invite them to read the story of Jesus’ birth with you over Zoom or WhatsApp or in person.
  • Ask them if they have any friends or family who might also like to join us.
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    Join Me in the Explain Christmas Challenge

    explain christmas

    Christmas is one of my favorite times of year! It’s not because of the lights, music, gifts or family meals together though I enjoy those. It is because it’s one of the easiest times in the entire calendar year to share the message of Christ with others. This year things are different with the pandemic’s effects still felt in many nations. We can still share His message with others, but we need to get creative. Initiatives like the #explainchristmaschallenge can help us with this

    What is the Explain Christmas Challenge about?

    A few weeks ago as I was scrolling my Instagram account I came across an awesome idea!

    IFES Global, a student ministry, was promoting something called the #explainchristmaschallenge. I clicked on the link and thought to myself “This is something I want to partner with!” I’d been looking for a good way to share with people this year.

    Last week, I talked to them and we decided to work together. Help us spread the word! I want to encourage everyone to use creative means of sharing Jesus during this season. read more

    Lessons from My Favorite Christmas Hero

    christmas hero

    Who is your favorite Christmas hero? Santa Claus? The elves or wise men? My favorite is Mary, Jesus’ mom. It could be because I am a mother. She is amazing! There is much to learn from her example.

    Young Mary was an extraordinary woman. Handpicked by God, she gave birth to the greatest miracle of all time. God has chosen you and me to birth miraculous movements to Christ. Disciple Making Movements are amazing acts of God. Mary’s life of absolute surrender, faith for what she’d never seen or experienced, and willingness to suffer are a few things we learn from her.

    Struggling With an Impossible Dream

    There are days when I struggle with my calling to launch movements. I look at who I am, my weaknesses, my failings, and wonder. How could God use someone like me? My heart can easily drift into doubts and fears as I look at the impossible, God-sized vision He trusts me to pursue.

    Do you ever ask those questions?

    They’re not all bad. In some ways, it shows humility to realize we can never launch a movement (or do anything of value) apart from His divine work. read more