Episode 71: New Winds in the House of Islam with David Garrison



What is God doing among Muslims who are coming to faith? How do you share the Good News with Muslims? On this episode we hear from David Garrison, author of the book Church Planting Movements and A Wind in the House of Islam.

For more information and David’s books go to www.churchplantingmovements.com

Key Points from this episode:

  • WIGTAKE- What is it going to take to see this region come to know Jesus? This is the question we need to ask about the need of the lost around us.  
  • Unity as an end in itself doesn’t work very well, but when we unite around Jesus and His mission we are able to work together.
  • God is doing something new today as many movements are emerging among Muslims, more than ever before in history.  Will we learn from this and carry it forward? 
  • Today is the day of salvation for Muslims. 
  • Assurance of salvation is not something that is found in Islam.  
  • You don’t have to be a genius in Islam to see your Muslim friends get to know Jesus.
  • Have big ears and a small mouth!  Listen much and talk little.  
  • Surah Al Imran Chapter 3 talks about Jesus being born of a virgin, and says he was one of the righteous ones.  This verse can be a starting point for a conversation about Jesus from the book they respect. 
  • Love people.  Seek out those who God has sent to your land as refugees or immigrants.  God has brought them so they can find salvation.


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