Episode 72: Developing Disciple-making Pathways with Matt Ulrich



What is the process of moving someone from a new contact to becoming a disciple who makes disciples? On this episode, we are talking with Matt Ulrich of Greenhouse Church in Florida about the pathway of discipleship and how it works.

Key Points from this episode:

  • New believers tend to take Scripture at face value, they believe what it says! So should we.
  • A disciple is a fully committed follower of Jesus who is learning, living, and reproducing His way.
  • A pathway should be simple with basic principles, but also flexible
  • Evangelism and discipleship shouldn’t be seperated, they are part of one process
  • Jesus didn’t say only evangelists should make disciples, He commanded all of us to do this!
  • Discipleship pathway:
    New connection — Interested person — Believer–Disciple–Disciple-maker–Multiplier
  • Micro-church is not the same as a small group or a life group. It is a full expression of church
  • A church is defined as including: worship mission, and community.
  • Not every gathering on a Sunday morning is actually what he would call a Biblical church.
  • Marriage is the ultimate missional relationship. Matt said, “I want my marriage to be the ultimate altar call. If all they see is my marriage, it is enough for them to want to follow Jesus.”
  • Marriage and family are the bedrock of our gospel proclamation.
  • Keys to healthy family and marriage: Practicing Sabbath, including your kids in your disciple-making activities, and integrating marriage and disciple-making together.


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