Episode 14: Mindset Shifts for Greater Impact with Stan Parks of 24:14- Part 1



What needs to change in our thinking as we seek to multiply disciples? Stan Parks of the 24:14 network speaks with Cynthia Anderson about several key changes. One is shifting from knowledge as our highest priority to valuing obedience. Is that legalism? Stan argues that it is not.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Some people in the past were methodological pygmies, but spiritual giants. Today we have many who know the right methods but are not yet spiritually able to be trusted with greater fruit.
  • Ordination is not found in the New Testament, only in the Old. Under the New Covenant we are all ordained as royal priests.
  • Our old mindset says education is more important than obedience. We want to know things about God without focusing on obedience. A new mindset says if we love Him, we will obey Him.
  • Obedience is God’s love language.
  • There is a difference between listening and learning. Learning means you are applying and practicing what you’ve learned.
  • In the Great Commission, just said “Teach them to obey” not just “teach them to know” my commands. This is not legalism. It’s what Jesus said.
  • Biblical leadership is always plural. In movements, we are shifting away from a CEO pastor/leader to a team with various gifts working together to equip the saints.

Be sure to listen in to the next part of this interview which will be released in a few days.


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