Episode 28: How God is At Work in the Hard Places of Africa- Interview with Fred Berrington



God is doing incredible things among the unreached of Africa! On this episode, Cynthia Anderson speaks with Fred Berrington, a Youth With A Mission leader from South Africa about the movements he helped start and the keys he learned as he persevered in the harvest fields.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Investing in a few disciples deeply bears fruit in the long term.
  • Sometimes you need to start over in a new place where you can apply the lessons you’ve learned and avoid the mistakes made in the first DMM/CPM attempt
  • Finding local friends and partners is key. Train them.
  • Culturally relevant, indigenously created worship is a powerful tool for Gospel spread.
  • Reaching Muslims isn’t hard, but we may not be “fishing with the right bait” to bring them to Christ.
  • Adapting ceremonies like funerals, to make them more culturally relevant can have a big impact.
  • Many Muslims come to Christ through genuine love expressed consistently through believers around them.
  • Don’t argue with people, love speaks more loudly.
  • God pours out his fire on sacrifice. There is a cost to seeing movements.
  • We can’t take anything to Heaven but souls. It is worth it!
  • It’s not about numbers, its about being faithful.


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