Episode 29: What is Faith Mindset?



Many people experience self-doubt when it comes to making and multiplying disciples or starting movements in their areas. Can God do this here? Or through someone like me? On today’s episode, Cynthia addresses this issue with empathy, personal experience and Scripture. To learn more, get a copy of her book at www.multipliersmindset.com

Key Points from this episode:

  • God desires that none would perish, it is His will that you make disciples and be fruitful.
  • Self doubt is common, but we must base our faith not on our experiences but on His Word.
  • If God could use ordinary men and women in the book of Acts and Gospels, He can use us today
  • We don’t make disciples, He does it through us. That makes it more than possible
  • God can do it here. God can do it through me.


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