Episode 4: Can You Disciple From a Distance?

Can you make disciples from a distance



Is it possible to disciple people from a distance? Many take mission trips or do evangelism in remote locations and then hand over the names of those who come to the Lord to local pastors hoping they will follow up. Many never do. For some disciple-makers working in multiple locations, distance can be a barrier. In this episode, Cynthia gives insights on how to do this effectively, with the potential for multiplication.

Key Points from this episode:

  • To answer every question we look to Scripture, especially to the examples of Jesus and Paul
  • Visit and stay with them for a period of time and daily practice skills like Discovery Bible Study
  • Stay connected through whatever means possible, even if only a regular phone call
  • If they are an oral culture people, make use of at least one audio Bible as well as young people who can read to a group


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