Episode 3: How to Address Sin Issues with New Believers-Q&A1



When we disciple new believers, our job is not to confront every issue of sin in their lives immediately. We can trust the Holy Spirit to work in them in His timing. As we develop genuine relationships of trust and friendship, we may earn a place in their lives where we could share about something that needs to change, but this mustn’t be rushed. Instead, we introduce them to Jesus and the Word of God and allow the Spirit of God to do the work of conviction in His own timing. We don’t need to worry about them being free from every sin or addiction prior to baptizing them. Obeying Jesus in this way and joining a safe and supportive community of believers could be key in their journey toward freedom.


Key Points from this episode:

  • Repentance is vital but the Holy Spirit convicts different people about different things
  • Baptism is more a sign of commitment than of holiness and perfection
  • Correction and confronting sin issues require a high level of trust and relationship
  • Balance grace and truth and let the Holy Spirit do His work

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