Episode 47: How Do You Make Comfortable Christians Uncomfortable (In a Good Way)



In this episode, Cynthia Anderson, Disciple Multiplication coach, answers a question from one of her trainees – what do you do with believers in your discipleship group who are very comfortable with their religion and don’t want to be active in their obedience to Christ?

Key Points from this episode:

  • Our job isn’t too make people in our group comfortable. Our job is to help them become more like Jesus.
  • Jesus made many people around Him uncomfortable! He loved and ate with sinners, He was unconventional and willing to confront hypocrisy, etc.
  • Model a Jesus lifestyle, don’t only teach about it. Show people how to become like Jesus by living it out yourself.
  • Don’t forget to ask the “look back” questions and provide friendly accountability.
  • Be vulnerable and willing to admit when you fail to obey, and to ask for prayer as you too become a more obedient Jesus follower.
  • Build confidence through making a safe space to practice new skills of disciple-making before expecting people to do them.


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