Episode 52: What is Discovery Bible Study (DBS)?



In this episode, Cynthia talks about what a Discovery Bible Study is.  She helps bring understanding to why it is so useful in encouraging participation, and beginning the discipleship journey even when used with people who might not yet have fully believed. She also takes time to talk about how Discovery Bible Study fits into the Three Thirds meeting and what that is.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Discovery Bible Study is participatory learning.  Everyone gets a chance to share what the Holy Spirit is showing them in the passage.
  • DBS includes friendly accountability.  It’s not just about content, its about application.
  • DBS includes time for ministry to one another through the sharing of challenges.
  • Make sure to give adequate time for the repeating and learning of the story or passage before you begin to discuss it.
  • Keep it simple and don’t preach or teach on the passage.  
  • Keep the DBS outward focused, ending with action steps or “I Will” statements involving both obedience to Christ and engaging with lost people.  
  • The 3/3rds or three part meeting using the DBS approach but in a slightly different format.  
  • Start a new group or practice it with your family to begin with. If you’ve been doing DBS for awhile, take time to evaluate what is working well and what isn’t


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