Episode 53: How Disciple-making Leaders Develop a Life of Extraordinary Prayer- with Ryan Skoog



In this episode, Cynthia interviews Ryan Skoog, leader of Venture and co-author of the book Lead With Prayer.    They discuss some of the biblical characters, including Jesus, who demonstrated what it meant to live a life of prayer and some verses that are key to understanding the importance of prayer.  They also talk about some practical ways disciple-makers can deepen their prayer life.

Key Points from this episode:

  • There are many books on leadership, the life of leaders down to what they eat, etc. but not many books on the prayer lives of leaders
  • Verse in Samuel, God forbid that I should sin by failing to pray for you.  For leaders not to pray, God calls it sin.  We are held to a higher standard.
  • You can’t multiply zero.  We must be praying as leaders, not just delegating prayer to others.
  • 2 similarities in the prayer lives of leaders.  Fast and slow prayers, short prayers that help us practice the presence of God, and longer more extended times of prayer.
  • Jesus prayed more the bigger his ministry grew.  He was a “withdraw away and prayer” person.  It was His identity, not something He did.  
  • Do the simple things, like praying the Lost and Saved list, intentionally reaching out to neighbors etc.
  • Prayer is friendship first.  “Wasting time with God” as you would with a friend.  No agenda, just time with Him.
  • Find out what is on God’s prayer list, not just praying through your own.
  • Find a way to like prayer. This happens the more you do it.


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