Episode 55: Growing as Effective, Culturally Aware Disciple-makers. Interview with Five Stones Global



In this episode Cynthia interviews Jean Johnson & Maria Gilbertson of Five Stones Global. They share about their journey in the area of establishing sustainable churches. They also talk about making disciples that are able to lead and carry forward a sustainable movement of local believers who are able to stand on their own. They share some of the barriers that can arise and inhibit growth.  Join them to learn and grow in this important area of sustainable discipleship.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Day 1 affects Day 100.
  • What we do now will enhance or inhibit those we seek to serve.
  • Sometimes our own actions cause barriers for multiplication in the future.  You can’t get back the beginning years if you aren’t intentional about them.
  • Be careful not to make yourself indispensable to the process.
  • Be willing to grow, learn and change what you do
  • Our best resource and guidebook is the Book of Acts! Read it and learn from it.
  • We can’t work against the culture in individualistic ways when the culture is community-oriented.  
  • There can be unintended consequences to our giving.  We can “muddy the waters” related to motivations in coming to learn about Christ.
  • 1 Thess. 4:11 & 12.  Work with your hands so you will not be dependent on anybody and your testimony will be credible. 
  • 4 groups to think about when you give:  The person, the disciples/church, Christianity nationwide, & the non-believing community


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