Episode 56: What are the Characteristics of a Person of Peace (POP)?



We use the term Person of Peace (POP) frequently in DMM/CPM and disciple-multiplication circles. What is a person of peace and how do you know if you have found one? In this episode, Cynthia brings clarity to this important term.

Key Points from this episode:

  • The person of peace concept comes from Luke Chapter 10 where Jesus sent out the 72.
  • A person of peace will receive you and offer hospitality.
  • Remember that hospitality and how it is expressed is cultural.  In some places it will be a meal in their home, in others it may just be paying for your coffee at a coffee shop or inviting you to have a seat.
  • A person of peace will receive and show interest in spiritual things, in your message.
  • A person of peace will call others to come and listen as well, people from their oikos, or family and friend circle.
  • Don’t think a person of peace has to be a man.  It can be a woman or even a child.
  • We find persons of peace through spiritual conversations and abundant seed sowing.
  • Once you find that person, invest in them and work through them.  Don’t keep going house to house or door to door at that point.
  • Quickly train them to lead the discovery study and to reach the others in their community as the insiders there.


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