Episode 66: Jesus Is Lord is Central to Movemental Ministry



On this episode Cynthia interviews Alan Hirsch, author of 12 books, founding director of Forge Mission Training Network and a thought leader in the world of movements.  Describing the six key elements of Movemental Christianity, Hirsch puts Jesus Is Lord at the center of it all.  We will explore why this is needed and what other typical centers are today..

Key Points from this episode:

  • A worthy question. How did the early church grow from about 25,000 believers to over 20 million in a short period of time?  How did they do that without buildings, youth groups, seminaries, funding, or even the Bible?  
  • A second question.  Was this a one time occurence or are there patterns in what took place that have been repeated or could be repeated today.
  • Much of our thinking about the nature of the church was formed when Christianity was a central institution in society. Our mental maps about what is church were not formed in an environment that opposed Christianity.  
  • In our current context we must completely rethink our understanding of the church, going back to Scripture and changing our mental maps.
  • We are trying to navigate a resistant context with the wrong mental map.
  • Once you select one way of seeing the church, you de-select another option that is valid.
  • Jesus is Lord is different than Jesus is Savior, which has been the most common way of seeing Him.
  • Jesus is Lord has to do with Him being the King, the coming of the Kingdom.  
  • We need to Re-Jesus the church.  For a very long time, he has been on the outside.  We have been gospel centered or Bible-centered when we need to be Jesus centered.
  • Jesus can change the world with twelve disciples but he can’t change the world with 12,000 consumers.  
  • If a group of people claim to be a church but they don’t look, act and think like Jesus, is it a church?
  • Slow down and make sure in the midst of rapid multiplication, people get Jesus, really meet him and become like Him.
  • 6 Elements of Movemental Christianity. 1) from discipleship to disciple-making 2) Liminality and communion 3) Organic Systems 4) APEST  5) Missional Incarnation Impulse for more information on these watch for future episodes.
  • Keep doing what you are doing. You can’t go wrong if you simply become more like Jesus.


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