Important Questions As You Start the New Year

Important questions

Happy New Year!  As this year begins I find myself doing what I do in a 3 part disciple makers meeting. Taking time to reflect, pray, and listen is one of my important rituals each New Year’s Eve and Day.

I’m looking back, looking up, and looking forward.  Here are some questions I’ll ask myself.  Perhaps you’d like to use them too.

Important questions for LOOKING BACK:

– What has God done that I can thank Him for?

– What have I learned about who He is this year?

– What have I grown in as far as being a more effective and obedient disciple maker and minister?

Important questions for LOOKING UP:

– How does God feel about me at the close of this year?

– Is there a scripture passage that has been particularly meaningful to me in this past year?  

– What prophetic words or messages did I receive in the last year?  Which have come to pass and which are yet to be fulfilled? 

Important questions for LOOKING FORWARD:

– What does God want to say as I start a New Year?

–  Is there a particular Word or Promise He has for me?

– What ONE THING would God have me do in 2021 that would have a great impact on seeing His Kingdom grow?

On Jan 1st, and the first week of the year, I’ll be taking time to pray, listen, and journal about these things.  I know as I seek Him, He will reveal His God-assignment for the coming year. Once I’ve heard from Him, it’s just a matter of learning to focus and obey.

I pray you have a blessed, fruitful, and joy-filled New Year!

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