Live Stream Interviews

C. Anderson interviews Bill Smith, one of the true fathers of the modern DMM/CPM world, in this must-listen hour of insights into how movement leaders are formed and what God uses to shape and mold them.

C. Anderson and Kevin Sutter, YWAM Frontier Missions International Leader talk about their journey as an organization toward greater fruitfulness.  What led to the shift was an intentional effort to change their mindsets and beliefs about how to make disciples.

C. Anderson interviews Dave Ferguson, leader of Exponential, pastor and author of several books, on how to love and bless your neighbors. Especially for those endeavoring to make and multiply disciples in a Western context, but for all of us, Dave gives wonderful tips and insights. Want the FREE STUFF offered at the end?  Drop us an email or message us. 

Join in for this interview with Kevin Weigelt, an All Nations movement catalyst in Romania. Want the notes? Sign up here.

Anderson interviews Steve Addison, author of the Rise and Fall of Movements about what leads to movements or causes them to crash.

Uncle V from India shares insights on Coronavirus, keys to church multiplication and more…

C. Anderson is joined by Jean Johnson of Five Stones Global as they discuss the impact foreign finance can have on a Disciple Making Movement.

C. Anderson interviewed Chris Clayman of Global Gates about the key role immigrants are playing in reaching the unreached.  Sept 25, 2020.

This interview with Stan Parks of 24:14 took place at 9 am September 11th, 2020 Central USA time. For more information and the resources mentioned there click here.

This live stream event took place on July 17th at 9 am Central.