How an Ordinary Man Launched a Movement of Disciples


Stories are powerful and each person’s story unique. I love to listen to the testimonies of the “ordinary” people I coach and train. It’s amazing how God has been at work in each individual’s life bringing them to the place they are today.

A few days ago as I sat and listened to a movement leader’s story. I was once again touched by the power of God to use ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

He was not outwardly impressive. His English was decent, but not fantastic. The ways God has used him to multiply disciples…that was pretty great though!

Troubled by Demons

Peter* had studied hard to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. Wanting to improve his employment, he pursued further study. As he studied late into the night, his wife and young son slept.

He was half asleep at his desk. Suddenly, his son began crying loudly. “Somebody is cutting me! Save me! Save me!

Alarmed, Peter tried to calm his son. Thinking his wife might be able to help, he roused her. To his distress, she too began crying out in a loud, strange way. He was in serious trouble! She too screamed, “Help me! Save me!

His wife and son hung on him while he tried to get to the door. He wanted to unlock it so his parents could enter and help. He could barely get there as they clung tightly to him wailing loudly. Finally he reached the door. His parents entered, but they too could do nothing to stop the screaming.

Villagers heard the noise and soon his house filled with people trying to help. It was midnight now, but his wife would still not stop crying “Save me!”

Going for Help

His mother went to get a nearby witchdoctor. Returning with two or three people, they tried various remedies. Nothing helped. His wife’s eyes were stark with horror.

His brother went and called a medical doctor. The doctor checked his wife and then said, “I see no physical problem here.

No physical problem, no problem the witchdoctors could help with…what would he do?

Peter then remembered the voice of a pastor who had been talking to him from time to time. “Maybe the pastor can help me,” he thought. His wife had been crying for more than 2 hours without stopping. He was getting desperate. “I will send for the pastor,” he decided.

When the man arrived, he asked if he could pray for Peter’s wife. Unsure what to do and not wanting trouble, he asked his Hindu neighbors who had gathered. “Can I ask this God for help?

Nothing else is working, go ahead” they told him.

As the pastor prayed, his wife became calm. Shortly after, Peter and his wife put their trust and faith in Jesus.

God Sends Workers to Join Him

Some years later, after attending the church for some time, Peter knew God was calling him to step out into full-time ministry. He had no money or team. Both he and his wife felt strongly this was God’s leading, so they took a step of faith. For two months all they did was pray.

During the second month, twenty-two people came individually and asked if they could join him in the ministry. God was bringing the harvesters!

Beginning in Homes

Peter began to visit these different workers and start Bible studies in their homes. He would go to their area, train them, then challenge them to go to their relatives in other villages and start new groups of disciples.

Within seven years there were around fifty house churches that had formed. He thought that was great! His vision was being fulfilled.

Expand Your Work!

One day, another trainer came to his area. He taught about Disciple Making Movements and multiplication. What would happen if those fifty house churches were to multiply?

He had been content, but now his heart was burning to see more expansion. The trainer introduced him to a new concept called CLC (Community Learning Center). He taught how to go into a new area and start a community center to serve the needs of the people. As Peter put this into practice, he trained his disciples to do this. They used this platform in new areas where they already had relationships. Multiplication took off like crazy!

In the last nine years, the fifty house churches have grown to 755 house churches and are now spread across eight districts. The movement has even crossed into another country where people had relatives who were the same people group.

My friend is not content. His people group is large and unreached. Hundreds of villages have not even one believer or church. Peter is praying now for every village to have a gospel representation!

What Caused the Multiplication?

God is the one who starts Disciple Making Movements by a sovereign work of His Spirit. He uses people who are willing to obey Him and take steps of faith. My friend and his wife are both people of prayer and faithful obedience. They took risks financially and faced difficulties head-on. Trusting God, they continued to expand their vision and believe God for more than what they had in their hands.

In Luke 19, Jesus told a parable about a nobleman who left to go and get his Kingdom. Before leaving, he entrusted 10 minas into the hands of ten servants. “Put this to work until I return,” he instructed. The workers each had the same thing, to begin with, but they responded differently.

One invested and risked and multiplied the mina from one to ten. Another also put it to work and turned the one into five. A third hid what he’d been given. He feared the loss of the investment and the Master’s anger.

My friend is a 10-fold increase leader. He’s not done yet, and is still believing God for more! Leaders who see movements have hearts that burn for the lost, even after they have seen much fruit.

Growing and Expanding

Wherever you are, God is ready to meet you there. He can deliver and provide for you. Whether you are in need of money, a team to join you, a mentor, or searching for that first Person of Peace, expect Him to answer your prayer. Keep asking. The harvest is indeed ripe! Go out and bring it in.

Do you have a similar story to tell? I’d love to hear about it on the DMM Facebook page or via email.

*not his real name

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