Prayer- A Leader’s First Ministry

prayer and leadership

A Disciple-Making Movement (DMM) leader’s most important job is to intercede for those they lead.  Leader’s who accomplish much, do so on their knees.  It is in the place of prayer that we hear His voice, gain direction, strength, perspective, encouragement and where ultimately our real breakthroughs happen. Prayer in leadership is essential.

Prayer Can Not Be Delegated

The work on our knees can not be delegated to others. It is the responsibility of every Christian leader to pray themselves.  We need to lead the way in prayer.  That is not to say that we don’t also mobilize and raise up many others to intercede.  We do.  We must.  There are others who may spend more actual hours in prayer than we do, or who may carry the work of intercession in very significant ways.  As leaders, delegation is an important skill.  This is one that you cannot delegate away though.

Biblical Leaders Prayed

In scripture, there are many examples of leaders who considered prayer and intercession for their people as one of their most important tasks.  We read of Moses and the way he interceded on behalf of Israel.  We read of King Hezekiah’s prayers of intercession.  Paul prayed much for those he was discipling and training. 

Of course, the greatest example is Jesus.  He not only prayed for His disciples, for Jerusalem, and for the multitudes. Even now He, our Lord and leader, still prioritizes making intercession for us (Rom 8:34).

Prayer Is Real Work

I often find in mission efforts, that church planters see prayer and intercession as something they do in the mornings or at certain prayer meeting times, but then they go on to do their real work after that.

I often find in mission efforts, that church planters see prayer and intercession as something they do in the mornings or at certain prayer meeting times, but then they go on to do their “real work” after that.  Prayer is a very real part of our ministry as leaders of movements and as trainers of trainers.  We must pray much for those we train, coach and lead.  Intercede for revelation, for protection, for anointing, for breakthrough.  Lift up those you are training and sharing Christ with.  Cry out to God for the lost around us and the lost around those we have trained.  We pray for revival and outpouring of God’s spirit in each and every life, in each and every house church that is started.

These days I find myself crying out often throughout the day “Lord, send your Spirit.  Visit your people once again.  Come. Let Your Presence be felt in our lives again.  Set us ablaze.  Send fire from heaven to rest on each church planter.  Overflow from them and spill over to touch the lost around them.  Raise up radical, obedient disciples of Jesus who passionately share good news and make disciples everywhere they go.  I want an outpouring like we have never before seen, Lord.  This I boldly ask You for!

Join me to intercede for breakthrough and revival.  God promises to respond to our heartfelt prayers.

What better way could a leader spend their time and energy than in prayer?


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      1. David Ekoel Maisa

        Surely we should be able to pray every hour, every time, Evey day for us to be able to overcome the the challenges of Satan..
        Prayers will easiern our spiritual growth in our Christianity’s lifestyle..
        Waaah I’m growing great.

  1. Nora

    My Dear Cindy, I thank the HS for sending you to me. Thanks for being so timely my friend.
    I am experiencing some of what you share in this article, but I need to be more effective in call up others into this to way of prayer with me.

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  4. Marie Forkpa

    I am embarking on 3 days of fast and prayer for my church planting, and disciple making movement.
    I decided to take 3 days every to do this. Your article has just inspired me. God bless you.

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