Tracking and Reporting in DMMs

disciple making movements

Many people struggle with the idea of reporting progress on church or ministry growth. Reporting in disciple making movements can be controversial.

Recently, I had a meeting with some people to bring a better understanding of this issue.  There was a lot of confusion related to this topic. Emotions ran high.

Why report and track? There are lots of reasons people choose not to report.

For some, it can feel controlling.  Others think it isn’t loving.  Some feel it isn’t necessary.  It can feel too business like and not very spiritual.  Some think we are obsessed with results and don’t care about people.

As I was considering this the other day I asked myself “Is the “value” reporting and accountability? Is that really the core value?”  As I thought more about this I concluded that it was not.  The core value is not reporting or accountability.  The core value is a deeply held commitment to be obedient to the vision God has given and to the calling He has placed upon our lives.  Because we are so committed to that calling we need to measure and evaluate how we are doing in making progress in fulfilling our vision for the release of movements among the unreached.

As I’ve gotten a bit older, it’s been a lot harder to stay healthy and especially not to gain too much weight.  I’ve had to work hard at the goal of staying healthy.  Sometimes I do better than other times.  Sometimes I exercise and am careful about what I eat.  Other times its more difficult.

Stepping on the scales can be scary!

Recently our daughter got married and we had a full month with a lot of celebration.  That meant lots of good food!  I ate more than I should have and gained some pounds.  When I came home, I really didn’t want to step on the scale and see what I weighed.  It would have been easier to not measure, to not know where I was at or to ignore my goal of being healthy.  But, even though I knew I wouldn’t be pleased with the result, I was willing to get on the scale.  Doing that forced me to re-order my priorities, to examine my behavior, set some new short-term goals and get back on track.

This is what reporting does for us as disciple makers.  If we are not willing to regularly check our results, measure and look at where we are at in the goal of movements, we may never see them happen.  We may never reach that goal.  Reporting in disciple making movements helps us examine the facts.  I might think I’m doing okay with my weight (as long as I’m only wearing Indian style drawstring pants.  I may not feel my clothes tightening much! :)) but once I step on the scale reality hits.  This can be discouraging in the short-term but is critical in the long-term.

Let’s not be afraid of reporting.  Let’s be willing to step on the scales, so to speak, in our church planting work and to look at the key indicators.  We have a God-given vision to pursue.  Our deep commitment to seeing that vision come about makes us willing to report, first to ourselves and then to others who can help us get back on track or overcome obstacles we are facing.

Who are you reporting to about your DMM progress? Do you value reporting in disciple making movements? Do you fill out your reports on time?

Decide now to report progress for the good of your own growth and the growth of the movement.

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  1. Jerry Falley

    Excellent presentation! What your shared helps me to make sure the scale is set correctly. It takes courage to step on the scale every day, but your comments motivate me to do so in ministry, spiritually and physically.

  2. Julius Okedi

    Where everyone is accountable everyone wins.
    In every community, it is good to make reports because reports help in planning.

  3. Sophia Dreyer

    Reflection and reporting is very important. It helps to see where you are and whether there is growth
    in disciple making. What you did that was successful and what was less successful.

    1. Post

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