What Shifts Addition into Multiplication Growth?

addition to multiplication

Your goal is a rapidly multiplying movement of disciples who make disciples. Or at least that was what you heard someone share a vision about. It’s what you’ve been hoping for.

For many who start with a DMM vision, it seems awfully slow in coming.

You’ve worked hard. Shared the gospel often. Prayed much. People have even come to Christ!

But multiplication isn’t happening…

Examine Your Mindsets

Taking a hard look at the difference between what I said I believed and what my actions showed I actually believed was a “tipping point” in my Disciple Making Movement journey.

When I re-examined my mindsets (let’s call them beliefs), I needed to repent for embracing some wrong beliefs about myself, God, and how He works. After doing that, things began to change. This examination process deeply impacted me, my team, and others in our organization as we thought about these beliefs together.

The result? Addition growth began to shift into multiplication growth.

It can happen for you too!

Here are a few examples of mindsets/beliefs I had. These were things that had to shift.


  • God starts DMMs through others, but it will probably never happen for me.
  • My area and people group are some of the hardest places for the gospel to spread. It will take many years if a DMM is even possible.
  • If I only had more team members, more money, more training, and more faith I could see a lot more happen here.
  • Evaluation takes time and I’m too busy for that. I’ll just keep going with my current efforts and discipleship programs. Eventually, they will produce fruit.


  • God Will Do It. God is starting disciple making movements everywhere and He will start one through me.
  • Ripe Harvest. There are people who are already ripe for harvest in my people group and area.
  • Enough for Fruit. I already have enough to see greater fruit. I may have to do things differently.
  • Evaluate. I must humbly and deliberately evaluate tools, methods, and activities in light of the fruit I desire, and the vision God’s given me for DMMs.

Do you recognize any mindsets that need to change?

Share them in the comments below or on the DMMs Frontier Missions Facebook group.


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