34: What is the Difference Between Evangelism & Disciple-making?



Evangelism and disciple-making are both vital in the process of reaching people around us. Every evangelist needs to be a disciple-maker and every disciple-maker an evangelist says Cynthia in this week’s episode. Listen in to understand more about how these two things are connected and why we shouldn’t separate them too distinctly.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Evangelism is the proclamation or “preaching” of the good news of Jesus and His message of salvation
  • disciple-making and discipleship is the process of helping people learn to follow & obey Jesus, being transformed into His likeness day by day
  • “A church without evangelism becomes a church that does not make disciples, because there are no new Christians to disciple.”- Tom Ranier
  • Separating evangelism and discipleship can be harmful. Instead we should see them as part of the same continuum of leading people to embrace the way of Christ.


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