A Bulldozer Anointing for Discipleship Breakthroughs


“You are like a bulldozer,” he said.  That was an unusual thing for someone to say! I wasn’t sure I liked that classification. What did it mean?  As time has passed, I’ve come to understand what this prophetically gifted man was referring to.  To release Disciple Making Movements (DMMs), you need to bulldoze your way through many obstacles, continuing to persevere until you get to the breakthrough God wants to release.

Obstacles Will Come – Big & Small

We all face obstacles in life.  But for those who boldly pursue the God-sized dream of releasing a movement of disciples among the lost and broken, this seems even more true.  Those believing for movements often face financial difficulties, visa-related obstacles (if working in closed countries), persecution (from unbelievers and from Christianizers), family issues, discipleship and marriage problems, spiritual attacks, and many other troubles.  Big or small, obstacles come to us with regular frequency. At times they can feel overwhelming in their constancy.

What we do when faced with a barrier – determines what kind of a leader we become – and the results we will see.

Big or small, the obstacles arise with regular frequency.

Joshua Had A Bulldozer Anointing

I’ve often found inspiration Biblical heroes. One such hero is Joshua. Joshua faced huge barriers when he entered the Promised Land. Just after entering, he approached the fortified city of Jericho.  Big walls.  No way in.  No way over.  Armies that were bigger than his.  What did he do?

Maybe it’s more important to ask what he didn’t do.

He didn’t get stuck.  He didn’t retreat.  Joshua certainly didn’t give up.  Instead, he sought God, listened to His direction, and found a way to overcome the barrier before him  God showed him an unusual strategy to “get the job done” in Jericho. 

Tear Down That Wall

What barrier is causing you to feel overwhelmed today?  What situation are you facing that looks impossible? 

Whatever it is, God has a way through it. Ask the Father to give you a breakthrough anointing.  Become a spiritual bulldozer.  With God’s help, through prayer and obedience to His instructions, push down that wall! What looks like a massive difficulty can transform into a great victory.

Obstacles make us stronger if we respond to them in faith.

In Matthew 8, Jesus is in a boat with his disciples. A storm comes up and waves threaten the disciples security. They think this may be the end. Meanwhile, Jesus is asleep. Crying out to him for help, he says these words, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he calms the storm. I often wonder, what the alternative story could have been. What if the disciples had just hung tight and believed that since Jesus was with them, all would be well? Or what if one of them had tried to speak to the storm? Would they have been able to calm it in His name?

God has a way through the difficulties. He is with us in the storm. Even if it seems like He is unaware and asleep. Ask Jesus for courage and faith to press through difficulties until you come to the other side.

Multiplication, transformation, and Disciple Making Movements (DMMs) are possible.  Releasing them is God’s desire. When difficulties arise, don’t be afraid. His power will strengthen you to push through the barrier and overcome.


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