What Does It Mean to Be Bold and Faithful in Witness?

What does it take to become the kind of person who launches movements? Last week I wrote about twelve important characteristics we must develop in our lives. Becoming the kind of person who is bold and faithful in their witness was #2 on my list. For some, this is incredibly obvious. For others, it’s uncomfortable and difficult.

A few days ago I met with someone for a coaching call. They told me, “A brother I am working with is excited about DMMs and wants to train many others in this. The problem I see, though, is he rarely shares the gospel with those in his neighborhood or life.” Probing a bit further, I discovered a common problem. Many of us are better theorists than we are practitioners.

You may be more gifted in training or coaching than in evangelism. Anyone seeking to launch a movement, however, must develop a lifestyle of bold and faithful witness. We can not coach others in something not active in our own lives. This doesn’t mean this has to be your primary gift. You’ll be far more effective, though, if it becomes your regular practice.

When is the last time you shared a testimony (your story) or had a spiritual conversation with a non-believer? Who are you actively pursuing a relationship with who doesn’t know Jesus yet?

Feeling Challenged In This

It is easy to get busy with ministry and stop focusing on the lost. This is more true now than ever in a season where the pandemic brings extra challenges. I’ve found it harder than normal to share Jesus with others in this season. One of the main places I love to share my testimony is on airplanes or public transport when I travel. Now, with social distancing, it’s easy to not talk with strangers while traveling or going about your day.

Where I’m currently staying, in Minnesota, we recently had a big snowfall. With the colder weather, my neighbors are no longer outside. With Covid cases rising in my country, it’s getting harder than ever. What will I do about that? How will I stay active in sharing my story and being a faithful witness?

bold witness
the view out my office window today

This morning, I spent time praying about this.

God is not surprised by the pandemic, nor the weather. I need to listen well in this season. He will show me how to continue to share my faith in spite of the challenges. God can and will lead me into the lives of those who are seeking to know Him. I need to exercise my faith, listen well, and then obey Him if I want to stay faithful and bold in my witness. This is always true but even more so today!

Let’s pray this scripture over one another. “and pray on my behalf, that utterance may be given to me in the opening of my mouth, to make known with boldness the mystery of the gospel,” (Ephesians 6:19).

I’m asking God about how I can use 2020 and all its challenges as a bridge question into a conversation about the goodness of God. What’s your strategy for bold and faithful witness in the coming months?

Therefore having such a hope, we use great boldness in our speech…

2 Cor. 3:12

What Do Bold and Faithful Mean?

Let’s define these two words: bold and faithful.

Boldness is defined by Oxford as “a willingness to take risks and act innovatively; confidence or courage.”

Faithfulness is “to have the quality of being loyal and steadfast.”

How are you taking risks and acting innovatively in 2020 when it comes to disciple making and sharing your faith?

One of my students from Nigeria took a risk and tried to share her faith with Muslim neighbors. It caused a backlash of rejection and isolation. I was so proud of her though, for her efforts. It’s not easy to step out and take risks of faith. If I was pleased, how greatly delighted her Heavenly Father must have been! There are things to work on and changes to be made. The fact that she is taking risks and stepping out into new things makes me sure God will honor that effort with fruit one day.

Are you an evangelism innovator? When things don’t work do you give up or think creatively of new approaches to try? God is raising up Holy Spirit led innovators in this season to create the new wineskins He will pour His wine into!

Faithfulness matters too. We can be bold and courageous in one season and then move on to other things. Some are addicted to the new and don’t know how to be faithful. We get excited about vision and new things, but when it gets challenging, or we don’t see immediate results, our interest shifts.

Movement leaders and catalysts (those who help others start movements) are bold and faithful in their own personal witness. They train everyone they disciple to be the same.

Would you pray this prayer with me?

Father, I want to be a bold and faithful witness of your Kingdom message. The good news of your Kingdom is worth sharing with the world. Make me creative, make me courageous. Build confidence in me to speak up about your goodness to me and your desire to show that goodness to others. Help me be steadfast and faithful in my regular efforts to find people who are ready to listen and Persons of Peace in my community and oikos. Where I need to change, transform me until I become the kind of person you can use greatly for your purposes. Amen.

Copy this prayer on a card or paper and pray it daily this week. God will answer the cry of your heart.

What new or creative way of sharing your faith have you discovered in 2020?

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    Which ones is important? I will focused on the will and the direction of God, even though Jesus said let the dead burry each others.

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