What Kind of Person Does God Trust With Abundant Fruit?

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We long for more than we see today. Though many new movements are being started across the globe, we hunger for more. We look at the world, or at our current ministry, and feel a holy dissatisfaction with the status quo. This longing, even discontentment comes from the Father’s heart. It is there because God has more for us. Millions remain unreached and we are called to impact them in greater ways than we have yet seen.

You may be an existing movement leader who has already seen many generations. Or, you might be someone just beginning to catalyze movements. With our eyes on the ripe harvest, we must always look for more. How do we become the kind of people who God can trust with those greater fruits?

More Than Skills & Strategy

As DMM practitioners we often focus on skills and strategy. This has merit. It is necessary. What is just as important, is focusing on becoming the kind of people God can use greatly.

Most likely you’ve seen it happen. Someone with charisma, gifting and much potential crashes and burns as the movement begins to expand rapidly. They become proud, or their marriage suffers, or they begin to control things. Perhaps even worse, we see things like moral failure in the lives of those who God has powerfully used. This public failures in the lives of significant spiritual leaders are devastating to many.

So what does it take? Who do we need to be for God to trust us with supernatural, extraordinary growth and Kingdom fruit? Many things could be included. This list is not complete or exhaustive, yet these are some of the top things life and experience have taught me.

12 Characteristics of the Kind of Leaders God Trusts With Movements

I see these twelve characteristics in the lives of the New Testament apostles and in modern day movement leaders God is using powerfully.

1) They have an ever-growing relationship with God and an extraordinary prayer life.
2) They are bold and faithful in witness.
3) They are willing to face persecution from enemies.
4) They are willing to be misunderstood by friends.
5) They evaluate and change.
6) They are willing to stop doing unfruitful activities and focus on the most fruitful things.
7) They are filled with God’s Spirit and move in spiritual gifts.
8) They persevere through times of suffering and loss.
9) They have a strong faith in the God of the impossible.
10) They release power and authority to others.
11)) They are Kingdom-minded.
12) They walk in authentic humility.

An Ever-growing Relationship With God

Let’s begin with number one. The kind of people God trusts with supernatural growth have an ever-growing relationship with God. This naturally results in an extraordinary prayer life.

In the first chapters of Acts, the church in Jerusalem beginning to multiply rapidly. The Holy Spirit was moving. Compassion needs were growing. In this rapid growth environment, the apostles needed to stay focused on two things; the ministry of the Word and prayer (Acts 6:3-4). They did not allow the pressures of growing ministry to take them away from devoting themselves to these top priorities.

Extraordinary Prayer-life

Extraordinary prayer has been well documented as a characteristic of every move of God in history. Leaders who desire to see God work in their regions focus on prayer. They spend much time with Jesus, alone, as well as in corporate prayer. Those close to them find them often on their knees, regularly pulling away from the crowds to be alone with their Master.

who God uses
Movement leaders are often found in prayer or on their knees.

We can not afford to allow our personal relationship with God to grow stagnant as we give ourselves to the needs of the movement. Instead, we must maintain strong boundaries that protect our times alone with God. It is there that we receive wisdom, guidance, strength. We also simply enjoy our love relationship with Him as we spend time with the Lord, seeking His face.

In future weeks we will look at further characteristics. Let’s not rush through. Take time to discuss or journal about the following.

Questions for Assessment and Discussion:

  • In what ways has your love relationship with Jesus grown sweeter this year?
  • Do you enjoy taking time away to be with the Lord and how often do you do this?
  • How have you grown as an intercessor this past year?
  • Would you call your prayer life extraordinary or not? Why?

Journal about these questions this week or lead a discussion with your team on this topic. Assess and set goals for growth and change.

When will you take time to think about this further?

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  1. Guillaume Djehi Yao

    Je suis très intéressé par votre publication au faite la meilleure relation de qualité avec Jésus-Christ s’est d’être constamment en sa présence et dans la méditation je souhaiterai grandir dans la foi

  2. Florence

    I am florence,i have 2.5 year old girl baby.i lost my dear husband on october 9 2020.while entering the school campus ,11 kv wire fell on him.no one is around him at that time.the electical wire was on him for long time on him.he is principle in the school.we work in a school where missionary kids study in india,in orissa..please pray for me. I jst came through. Your teaching.it is very encouraging to me.thank you

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  3. Becky Tyohemba

    It’s great going through this work. I feel so connected with your write-ups — in extension you for the good work. There’s t actually this deep emptiness in me to do: not just more, looking at the magnitude of the need around me, still trusting God to lead as I follow. God bless you.

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      C. Anderson

      Praying God will lead you Becky! So glad we can be connected in this way. He has a plan and purpose for you to make an impact on the world and those in the film production company. Stay in touch!

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