Month: January 2023

What in the World Does it Mean to Become a Chicken Listener?

Chicken Listener

“I just finished my Discipleship Training School,” we may say.  Or perhaps, “I was just awarded my Master of Divinity degree.”  We post pictures on Facebook or Instagram of our graduation ceremonies, put the certificate on the wall, and pat ourselves on the back for our achievements.  And well we should!  These are programs we have put a lot of hard work into and completed.  The problem is, this affects the way we think about making disciples. 

Training disciples is a process, not a program, or an event.  As we look at the Gospels we never see Jesus handing out certificates to his twelve and saying, “Okay, now you’ve arrived.”  Instead, he called them to follow Him. He invited them into a way of life with Him. It was one of ongoing training, mentoring, and deep relationship. 

Our training in the church (and para-church) has become so programmatic.  We run discipleship training schools, classes, and courses.  This can easily create within us an unhelpful mindset where we see discipleship as an event to complete, rather than a relationship of life-on-life mentoring.  read more

10 Important Things To Do In Pursuing A DMM

start a DMM

“Is there a clear pathway to follow in starting to pursue DMMs?” one of my readers asked. It is a hard question to answer. There are no magic formulas! I would hate to give the impression that if you follow these steps, Voila! You will end up with a multiplying movement and thousands of disciples of Jesus. That is simply not true.

DMMs are a move of God among a population segment or people group. They don’t happen by just following a few steps, or by applying a particular strategy or formula.

There are, however, some key things we can do that make it much more likely that a DMM will happen. These are proven fruitful practices of those who’ve seen Disciple Making Movements take off. I recommend them with confidence, along with the disclaimer that there are no guarantees. Movements are not something we as humans produce apart from God’s sovereign work.

Important Steps To Take

If you are further down the DMM road, look at these steps and make sure you’ve been active in each. Over the next few months, I will be writing more about these as we walk through this together. read more

10 Best Books I Read in 2022

Leaders read. Period. If you want to lead others, you need to become an avid learner. Work to expand your understanding of your own field of ministry, but also branch out and explore new things. This is important for personal growth. As you consider your goals for the New Year, include a reading or learning goal. What do you want to learn about this year? What books will you read to grow spiritually? Professionally? As a person?

Below is a list of my top ten books from last year. Some of these should be on your reading list for the coming year. I’ll include a short summary of my biggest takeaways from each to give you a taste.

1. Deep Work by Cal New Port

This book is an eye-opener. How much time do we spend on tasks that don’t tap into our most significant unique contribution? Focusing on what has the greatest value and impact first, is critical for leaders, authors, and anyone who cares about making a difference. My take away – prune, prune, prune. Cut off distractions and focus much more time on what matters. For me, that is writing and coaching senior-level movement leaders. This book is one I will re-read every few years and revisit to make sure I’m staying on track. read more

3 Things to Do as You Start the New Year

new year

The New Year approaches! What plans and purposes does God have for us in the year to come? Here are three things I will be doing to get ready for the coming year. Join me in prayerfully going through these steps.


Before rushing ahead into a new year, hit the pause button. Stop and take time to look back. Think through the major events of this past year, both ministry and personal. I ask these questions.

-How has God shown me unusual kindness or grace this past year?

-What did He reveal to me about His nature and character?

-When did I sense His support, protection or presence in a unique way? When did I feel He was absent or silent?

-What was particularly fruitful? Not fruitful?

The past year may have held difficult challenges as well as significant joys. As you think back, ask the Holy Spirit to highlight what He wants you to see. With a grateful heart, express thanks to God for the ways you have been blessed, the things you’ve learned, or progress that has happened. Most of all, thank Him for being with you this past year. read more

Got a Love/Hate Relationship with New Year’s Resolutions?

happy new year 2023

Many of our New Year’s resolutions don’t last very long. Goals you’ve taken time to pray about and receive from God are much more useful. In the 5-minute talk below, C. Anderson shares her process of setting goals for the New Year.

Happy New Year! May 2023 be your most fruitful year ever!

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The transcript of the video is below.

I have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. How about you? Yeah. Like most people, and there are a lot of us like this, there are a few things that I set a goal for every single year. Things like exercise or weight loss that well, let’s just say they usually only last a few weeks before we abandon that goal and move on.

Thus the hate-love relationship with New Year’s resolutions. But why do I love them? I want to share that with you as well. I guess it’s the feeling of hope and new opportunity that each New Year brings. I love that. read more