Episode 15: Dreaming God-sized Dreams and Shifting Paradigms- Stan Parks Interview Part 2



In Part 2 of this interview with Stan Parks of the 24:14 network, we talk more about mindset shifts that need to take place to catalyze movements. We talk about how God-sized vision forces new approaches to discipleship and how we must stop certain activities in order to start doing what matters most.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Outside catalysts can contribute by bringing a God-sized vision and bringing simple tools.
  • Ethne means an ethnolinguistic people. They have their own language, culture, and identity. The Great Commission tells us to disciple every ethne, not just every political nation.
  • Movement Catalysts ask “What will it take to disciple my whole people group?” Asking this forces us to think and work differently.
  • A truly God-sized vision forces us to consider new methods and approaches.
  • We don’t need to wonder if it’s God’s will to reach many in our area. Scripture already makes this clear. We must ask ourselves: Is this (DMM/CPM) what you call me to?
  • Consider what you need to stop doing so you can start doing things that are more vital for disciple multiplication.
  • The question is not what can I do, but what must be done. What is it going to take? (WIGTAK) This forces us to consider the rest of the body of Christ and how they can be involved.

Be sure to listen in to the final part of this interview which will be released in a few days.


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