Episode 16: How Does Children’s Ministry Work in a House or Micro Church Setting



In this episode, Cynthia talks about how to make disciples of children and teens in the context of the house church, micro-church, or Discovery Bible Study. Should they be removed for more age-appropriate teaching? Sharing her experiences with her own children as well as from Scripture, she points toward the value of including them in these gatherings.

Key Points from this episode:

  • The concept of Children’s Ministry, Sunday School, and this approach to training and disciplining children is a fairly new phenomenon.
  • It was started during the Industrial Revolution for the purpose of educating kids who worked in factories and couldn’t go to school.
  • Make room for kids and youth to be active participants in a house church or discovery group. Affirm and encourage them to use and develop their spiritual gifts.
  • God can powerfully use children and teens in their families and communities. Train them to be disciple-makers. Recognize them as also being royal priests in the Kingdom alongside of the adults.
  • Matthew 18:14 and 1 Timothy 4:12 both speak about welcoming children and making room for young people to be used by God.
  • Family life and ministry can be integrated and holistic rather than separated. Your kids and teens will absorb what they see modeled in your life as a parent or adult.
  • Separating youth and kids from adults is not the normal model we see in Scripture.
  • In House Church models, we keep things simple, interactive, and participatory anyway. This is often age-appropriate for everyone in some level.
  • When we keep kids and teens in the group as participating members, they develop relationships with adults who become mentors and can speak into their lives in addition to their parents.


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