Episode 18: The Scandal of Leadership & Developing Missional Communities – JR Woodward Interview



JR Woodward of the V3 Movement shares his insights on the scandalous way of Jesus with Cynthia Anderson, DMM Trainer, and coach.

They talk about imitating Jesus as our leader, focusing on both the spiritual life we live in Christ, as well as the practices of developing missional communities out of which you make disciples, JR shares not only a powerful theory but also describes how this is lived out in one community in Hawaii.

Key Points from this episode:

  • We can start off good and become less good over time as leaders.
  • Domineering leadership in the church and spiritual warfare are connected.
  • The only way we can overcome evil powers is to imitate Christ. It all begins with what we desire or love. This is the most important thing about us.
  • We are all captive to imitating others. Who are we going to imitate?
  • 4 questions leaders should ask:
    – Do I have a life worth imitating?
    – Do we have a community worth joining (where we are family together)?
    – Do we have a mission worth dying for?
    – Is what we’re multiplying reproducible by just about anybody?
  • We will become a scandal to those we are leading or we will follow the scandalous way of Christ.
  • As leaders, we need to come down off of the leadership pedestal and be a disciple-maker ourselves
  • A grounded spirituality, missional theology, and a movement ecclesiology are all important
  • If our identity is not rooted in Christ, we will find identity in other ways.
  • The importance of multiplying not only disciple-making groups but of creating missional communities and social spaces.


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