Episode 17: How Long Do You Stay Present in a New DBS or Disciple-Making Group?



We start new groups with seekers, Persons of Peace, and Christians who want to grow as disciples who make disciples. Some people believe you should only stay in the group a few weeks. Others think you should stay longer. Which is it? Cynthia Anderson shares from her experience with new groups as well as from Scripture on this important question.

Key Points from this episode:

  • To answer this question you need to identify who the Person of Peace is; yourself or someone else?
  • If you are the Person of Peace in the group, you will likely stay in the group longer.
  • When we look at the Apostle Paul’s church planting, we see that how long he stayed varied widely. There is no formula for how long it’s good to stay.
  • If you are starting a new group through a new Person of Peace and their oikos, you want to be sure people don’t begin to look to you for leadership rather than to them. This means you should exit, or at least begin exiting the group fairly quickly (perhaps within weeks or within several months).
  • Watch to see that the people in the group can confidently facilitate the group in a way that leads to multiplication. Don’t exit too early if this is not yet happening.
  • New believers can often do this more quickly. But older Christians with other paradigms may need time to learn new ways of running groups and unwinding old mindsets.
  • Wait for the group to “gel” or gain some consistency before you exit.


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