Episode 33: From Spectators to Mature Disciples – Interview with Eun Strawser



Discipleship needs to return to the center of what we do as churches, para-church organizations and as Christians. In today’s episode Cynthia talks with Eun Strawser about how to help spectators and church attendees transition into mature disciples who are imitating Jesus and impact their communities.

Find out more about Eun’s book and resources at www.centeringdiscipleship.com

Key Points from this episode:

  • Before we can multiply disciples, we need clarity about what it is we want to multiply
  • Can we really do this in the West? We won’t know until we try. So much of what we are doing is pioneering work, creating new models.
  • Discipleship needs to become central in all we do as Christians and Christian ministries.
  • We need to understand and learn the gift and art of loving people. This is a critical part of what it means to make disciples.
  • Vision cast broadly, but filter for those who are really willing to commit to life on life in a community.
  • Missional communities are open spaces where you serve people with people. They are 50% non-believers that you invite into that space for service of others.
  • Ask, who has God given you to disciple. Do those people reflect the community you are trying to serve or reach. If not, you may need to consider inviting others into that core group.
  • Discipleship is about learning to imitate Jesus.


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