Episode 48: Sowing and Reaping – 4 Fields & More – with Nathan Shank – Part 1



In this episode Cynthia talks with Nathan Shank, the creator of the 4 Fields training about what it is, and how the cycle of disciple-making and church planting works.

Key Points from this episode:

  • We need to learn and lean beyond ourselves.
  • We will never be enough. Instead we must equip and give away what we’ve been given.
  • Sometimes our giftings when carefully honed and polished can actually de-mobilize people from thinking God could use them.
  • The motive to simplify is to be able to mobilize others to the missionary task.
  • Raise up leaders to the core missionary task
  • 4 fields: Empty field (entry strategy), Sowing seed (gospel presentation), nurture new growth (discipleship), bundle together (church formation), develop leaders and repeat.


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