When Spiritual Warfare Threatens Your Disciple-Making Efforts

spiritual warfare

One after another the problems came. It was an unending stream of difficulties. Moral failure in a team member. Sickness and near death in a key leader we were mentoring. Unusual conflicts between spouses and children. It soon became clear to us. This was not just normal life, we were facing a spiritual attack.

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As we contend for the release of a movement, we must learn to discern when we are facing spiritual attack. It is sent by the enemy to discourage us, resulting in a pullback and a sense of defeat.

Spiritual warfare can be a movement killer. Sometimes we face it and are unaware. We respond in the flesh instead of by using the appropriate weapons in our spiritual arsenal.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Recognition of the spiritual battle we face is the beginning point. Winning this war means taking an intentional stance. In this case, ignorance is not bliss. It is foolhardiness. We face a very real spiritual enemy when we attempt to launch a rapidly multiplying Disciple Making Movement (DMM). This is especially true when it is in an unreached place or among an unreached people group.

We can not ignore spiritual attack as a factor if we want to be successful in our endeavors. Instead, we must take action to be on our guard. Through discernment, steadfast prayer, and wearing our spiritual armor, we fight. We do battle against forces of darkness to gain ground for the Kingdom of God.

Demons At My Gate

Some years ago, we were doing abundant seed sowing with a certain people group. We invited Create International to help us make a contextual film in the local language. This mega people group had almost no media resources in their mother tongue. This was hard to believe, since their population was well over 80 million people! We enjoyed making the film. Finally, the day came for it to be introduced to those in our city.

Below is an excerpt from my memoir, God Encounters in the Wild Places (yet to be published).

About a week before the showing, I began to get threatening calls. A local pastor had gone to one of the church matriarchs of our city. He had convinced her that she must stop me from airing this film. She came to visit and I listened to her. I tried to show honor and respect, but I knew deep inside that we had not done anything that wasn’t Biblical.

In fact, we had followed the leading of the Lord and made decisions as a group each step of the way. Our goal was not to please the local Christian community with our film. Instead, our desire was to make something that would touch the hearts of unreached people. We wanted to give them a chance to hear the gospel message in a way that they could easily understand.

On the morning of the first showing of the film, I was having my quiet time. It was early. The bell for our compound rang. A group of men was at my gate. I dressed and went out to meet them.

As I walked toward the gate, I felt the Presence of Jesus strongly within me. I sensed Him warning me not to welcome them inside.

Opening the gate, I stepped out. Before me stood a group of about 4 or 5 pastors. One of them was the man who had been causing all sorts of trouble for us.

Discernment took over. I immediately understood somehow that several of these men were being influenced by the demonic.

I could not see the demon with physical eyes. But with my spiritual eyes, I “saw” a tall dark presence standing behind two of the men. It is a bit hard to explain. I turned though and spoke only to one of the pastors on the far right. He didn’t seem to be influenced as much by the dark presence.

“You can not show this film!” they demanded.

Crying out to God silently, I asked Him what to do. Clear direction came through a still small voice within me, “Don’t negotiate with demons.”

I was not to engage or discuss anything with them. I was to honor the men, but stand firm and strong against the demonic realm. The enemy wanted to hinder the showing of this gospel movie.

Thanking them for coming, I listened a bit. Then I politely disengaged. “We will pray and do what God tells us to do,” I quietly stated.

As I walked back into my house that day, I thought about the verse in Ephesians.”

“Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Eph. 6:12 NIV

God had made it so very clear to me! These pastors were not the ones who were trying to stop the spread of the gospel. This film was a key tool God wanted to use. The enemy clearly wanted to stop it!

Don’t Be Confused

The spiritual warfare we face is not always as clear as it was for me that day. Often it is under the surface. It is rare to see (even with spiritual eyes) the demonic forces you are up against. As you ask God to release discernment, He will help you begin to recognize spiritual attack for what it is.

Don’t be confused by the fact that spiritual warfare is often mixed in with other factors. Most of the time, in my experience, the difficulties we face are a combination of things.

They include:

  • our own sin (the enemy will capitalize on our areas of weakness),
  • the fact that we live in a fallen world,
  • spiritual forces that are coming against us.

It is prudent to take action with all of these, rather than only rebuking demons!

Here are some suggested actions to take when you discern that you are under spiritual attack.

What To Do When Experiencing Spiritual Warfare

1) Be aggressive in praise and worship.

The devil hates when we lift the name of Jesus. He has to flee. Whether you feel like it or not, choose to praise God during these difficulties.

2) Alert your intercessors and pray in unity as a team.

Pray with boldness and authority. Declare the truth into the spiritual realm. Enlist others to pray with you.

3) Repent of areas of known sin.

Are there any “entry points” where you have allowed access to the enemy? Have you been resisting God in something or disobedient to His leading? Submit to God fully (James 4:7). Submission is an act of spiritual warfare.

4) Put on the full armor of God as described in Ephesians 6.

Truthfulness. Gospel sharing. Faith. A salvation mindset. The Word of God. Praying always. These are the armor God provides for us. Are there any of these which you have neglected or need to strengthen?

5) Act in the “opposite spirit” of what is coming against you.

It is easy to respond in kind, especially to demonic attacks that are coming through people. Instead, do the opposite. Has someone robbed you? Choose generosity. Did someone lie to you? Speak truthfully in love. In this way, you gain victory over the darkness you are facing (Matt 5:38-48).

God Will Crush Satan

I want to leave you with this verse that Paul wrote in the book of Romans. “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.” Rom 16:20 NIV.

May God give you grace today to stand strong as you face trials and difficulties. Recognize the enemy’s attack. Take actions that lead to victory; for you, and for the release of the movement you are launching.

What questions do you have about spiritual warfare? Share them in the comments below or on the DMMs Facebook Page.


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