Episode 69: When Do I share the Gospel?



How quickly do I begin to share about Jesus with a new contact? Or with my neighbor? We want to be careful not to drive people away from us or cause them to put up walls that are hard to later tear down. At the same time, if we never share about Jesus, no one will become a disciple. In this episode, Cynthia explores this important issue.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Some people are relationally open but not spiritually open.  Our job is to find this out and then follow up more with those expressing spiritual interest.
  • Jesus quickly moved to Kingdom conversations.  He didn’t invest great amounts of time in simply building relationships for relationship sake.
  • Be a publicly spiritual person.  Not necessarily a publicly conservative, or Christian, or denominational person.
  • Be willing to share your story of transformation with others.
  • Ask good questions and listen well.  This gives you a right to also share with them at the right time.
  • Take risks relationally to find out if there is spiritual openness or not.
  • Help people move from relational openess to spiritual curiosity..


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