Episode 70: Where to Fish as a Disciple-maker- Interview with Chris Clayman of Joshua Project



The Joshua Project has served the Global Body of Christ and missions community for many years in providing lists of unreached people groups and tracking what God is doing among them. Join Cynthia for this insightful interview on how to use this tool effectively and about some of the changes coming to this powerful ministry and website.

Key Points from this episode:

  • Trust the current of God’s guidance in your life.  It sometimes leads in ways you don’t expect.
  • Joshua Project is a destination map for the Great Commission.  
  • Joshua Project provides more of a strategic list, not an academic one.  It tries to identify where the largest barriers to gospel spread exist.
  • On the website you can search by country, or people group, or even district level.
  • At the bottom of the people group page you will find the resources available in that language group.
  • People are 8xs more likely to respond to the gospel message when it comes in their heart language.  Make use of these materials!
  • When we focus only on oikos and don’t intentionally think about the unreached, we may miss entire people groups even though many movements are happening in that nation.
  • Ask questions and analyze the movement you are part of, what people groups exist around us that are not yet reached?
  • The onos of discomfort should be on us, not on the them (the unreached).  We need to be willing to change, adapt and learn to reach the groups that don’t have the gospel message yet.


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