Episode 7: Do Hybrid DMM approaches work?

hybrid church



Is it possible to combine a traditional or legacy church approach with a DMM (Disciple Making Movements) approach? What are some of the advantages or disadvantages of doing this? Cynthia Anderson, disciple multiplication trainer and coach, answers this question on today’s episode.

Key Points from this episode:

  • All believers need to be activated as disciple-makers.
  • It’s not easy if you continue to meet in a building on Sundays to convince people that what happens in homes and on other days is “real church.”
  • It may be more effective to train a smaller group of people to launch a new movement in a new area and have the legacy church support and pray for this.
  • If church leadership is fully on board, hybrid models are working in some places.


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  1. Ryan Chappelear

    Hi Cynthia! I’ve been blessed with this website and your videos. Five months ago we launched a DMM here in the coast of Tanzania and in Zanzibar. A friend of mine translated Sheep Among Wolves into Swahili. If you have friends in East Africa, can you share it with them?


    My friend is also working on Volume 2. I just thought this would be a cool resource for those who are involved in this movement.


    Ryan Chappelear

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